Clamping Hacks Episode 5 / Woodworking Clamps Ideas and Methods

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Woodworking Clamps have to be the toughest working instruments within the store and they’re requested to take action many alternative issues and here’s a assortment of ideas and methods that I take advantage of, some occasionally, others on a regular basis, to make my clamping time more practical and get higher woodworking outcomes.

5 Fast Clamp Hacks Half four:
5 Fast Clamp Hacks Half three:
5 Fast Clamp Hacks Half 2:
5 Fast Clamp Hacks Half 1:

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Jackson Brown says:

I find the inexpensive aluminum square tube and steel clamps from Harbor Freight are more than enough for clamps. Then I save the wax paper from cereal as a protective cover. Saves on tool cost and leaves more money for wood.

soundwave86 says:

For using the wedges in the gap between the clamp and the wood – you could also push two wedges in, then apply a clamp on both sides of the wedges to either force them further in or to prevent the wedge from slipping. Just something I thought of when I saw you using them!

james comstock says:

I never heard of anyone being so excited or getting a wedgie on a woody

Jason Martin says:

Thanks my friend!!

Sam Puckett says:

Thanks some great ideas!

Ali Harday says:

You are great man
Thank you for your excellent idea

Scott louis says:

Those bed frames are spring steel & are very hard if they used regular angles the body weight would bend them

Wayne Burba says:

I use pool noodles.

Porsche924Tim says:

Colin… You mentioned you are going to be at the Atlanta Woodworking Show… are you visiting or exhibiting? I'm in Nashville and may make it down… not sure yet as there may be a family conflict. Thanks!

J Daniels says:

Add a small piece of wax paper over the glue joint yet under your angle iron. That should solve that problem, don't you think?

David Harvey says:

That wedge idea is just the kind of thing that i like. Those double wedge pairs are so useful. They can make something akin to an machinists tools called adjustable parallels. Cheers Colin

JusBidniss says:

For cauls in panel glue-ups, I've always just used a slightly curved bit of 2×4, covered in waxed paper or even packing tape to prevent it getting glued to the panel. Pointing the curve in the middle down to the panel allows the clamps on the ends to flatten it out, for really good pressure against the pipe clamp. Sadly, the big box store has more of these curved 2×4's than straight….

Gar Mar says:

Great tips, Colin. Thank you!

Alan Ross says:

Another great video,thank you!👍🏻. The audio was way to low and I had my hearing aids in also!✌🏻️

Thomas Hutton says:

Bandy clamps work well for edge banding

Tim Caron says:

Some great ideas.  thanks for sharing.  be safe and take care.   Tim

Wayne Mahler says:

I really like the idea of the foam pipe insulation. I have used packing tape in the past but will havr to try out the foam now. Thanks for another good video.

bison uberti says:

Colin… The foam trick is okay… but I do not use it because it makes the wood or material you are working with uneven after the foam starts to squeeze/squish down. They begin to flatten down unevenly making the wood warp or become slanted. Good video though.

Windy Miller says:

Is there any chance you can show us how to make a clamp out of …
t-nuts – treaded rod and wood and some wooden dowel for handles – please sir ?
As I’ve got the bits and the idea but not the knowledge .

Sapele Steve says:

Great T's & T's once again Colin! Really liked the edge clamping wedge idea. I would use smaller clamps & put the slightly offset wedges on the edge wood first & then position the clamp on top to make things go along faster & easier. Just a thought………………

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