End Carpentry TRICKS! This was REWARDING!

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Realized a brand new trick at the moment.

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phartattack says:

You're shooting nails all over those boards no symmetry whatsoever. The first corner you shoot the nail down from the top when you should have shot it from the front. Your angle finding tool is doing the hard work for you so you're trying to make it look more difficult for the camera. A true carpenter will knock it out fast and precise. I would have marked all the angles and just knocked it out quick. You might be working by the hour… So it makes sense how you're doing it.
I would have ripped out all those 1by's and mitered them before shooting the trim work.

Shannon Hill says:

You make great videos!… but to "Hate" is a really strong word to use when disliking something or someone…Rap music is pure entertainment. Just like tattoos are art.. Wickedness is when you HATE, know the difference. Also, America has always had its own problems.. so to state that rap music is the downfall of America is complete ignorance. Bc not everyone listens to rap!

Hon Estman says:

Nice work. Good vid. Great observations. God bless.

Sara Bates says:

Oh ya we loved your faux level. And you pretending to be standing in front of a big door. Funny.

Sara Bates says:

We are new to you and now are on our second day of you being our teacher and entertainer. Your work is beautiful and we enjoy your work ethic. Also like that we do not have to listen to foul attitudes with drama. Please let us know how your possible-house purchase went, I am anxious to see your videos of your office. Love your attitude, stay humble. . Jerimah 29:11.

Gino Asci says:

That baseboard that butts the trim at that bottom step looks like cheese.
But you know that right?

Richard Slomkowski says:

I give you kudos for your creativity and skill. I think you did a great job with your miters and transitions going up those stairs. I know, as a carpenter with 25 years of driving nails, you don’t always get to pick the design, you just gotta make it look like it grew there. Good job! That said, I hate the look of casing running up the stairs. I much prefer the more traditional look of skirt boards. But whatever, you made somebody’s bad idea look really good.

Texasknowhow says:

What length of nails are you shooting there in the baseboard? Also, did you change lengths for the trim up the stairs? I'm doing some similar work on our remodel. Love the videos man, keep it up! Take care, Clay

Joe Incognito says:

Balls to rip Snoop! Lol I liked it.

Eric M says:

Literally subscriber when I saw the duhwalt level!!!! Lmao

1oldkaw says:

Wow! Great Vision, Creativity and Workmanship. Kudos to you

Dennis Rodriguez says:

Always have a technique up your sleeve

Contractor's Work Network says:

Great video! Nice to see young people taking pride in their work. I personally listen to classic rock but sometimes nothing but a g thang comes up because the rest of the crew wants to hear it 😂. I need to start doing videos of the types of roofs we do and showcase the trim details we do!

Joseph Tannous says:

Ive been a carpenter and joiner since 1981 and im sorry to say the return mitre he has done in the video is wrong and the Architraves / Mould trim on the stairs is back to front, how does he finish the gap at the top of the return mitre to the stair
trim & looks to me 2 different timber trim profiles. And at 11.17 pause and look at the mitres dont match.

Guycan Gold says:

What camera are you using

Derek Gosselin says:

Hahaha the small door bit was gold

Robert Roy says:

I agree with Marcell…finish work is time consuming and you demonstrate how to persevere. Nice job!

Stephen Meinecke says:

mad skills but ugly stair tread/return. duhwalt levels are the best

manny Leon says:

the work is amazing You congratulate👏👏👌👍👍

Andy Hay. says:

Nice x but any parent with toddlers will shit bricks looking at those scalp removers on the stairs.

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