Sliding Miter Noticed Hacks Half 2 – Woodworking Suggestions and Methods

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Getting the highest quality work out of your sliding miter noticed is usually a easy as upgrading your noticed blade or including a fence or base plate to alter wooden slicing angles and depths.
In ideas in transferring your mitre noticed and ideas in your miter noticed mud assortment.

Mitre Noticed Hacks Half 1:
5 Woodworking Hacks for Clamps:
5 Woodworking Suggestions for the Desk Noticed:

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Handy Manly says:

“A couple of Degree or a degree” can be a massive difference. Your ‘sacrificial fence’ was down right dangerous. To pinch an extra length on a cut you can lift the workpiece which is a lot safer than your method of a ‘sacrificial fence’ DANGEROUS TIPS……… PS DONT CALL THEM ‘ HACKS’ Coz they ain’t.

Ron Williams says:

I know it's probably not the safest practice but when I have a board that's just a bit too wide to cut clean through, with the blade all the way down, I "lift" the edge of the board into the widest part of the blade until it's cut completely through. I wouldn't recommend cutting any more than, say, a half to one inch. Any wider, I just flip the board upside down and finish the cut.

Richard Rider says:

GREAT TIPS(as always.) Thank you Colin…rr Normandy, Fra

Thomas Russell says:

Love the angle adjustment tip at the end there. That will be helpful with my off-brand mitre-saw for sure.

matt schoon says:

do not buy a makita chop saw! drills are great but the saw never stays in place

krn14242 says:

Thanks Colin. I wish I would have watched this video yesterday before cutting a bunch of boards wrong. I went to cut pieces for a xmas snowflake and angled my blade to 30 degrees, but neglected to check the other adjustment and my fence was not 90 degrees to the blade. Of course I noticed this after making 98% of my cuts. Argh, all my cuts are 30 degrees alright, but not parallel. Going to try and fix this now by using the popsicle stick method you showed. 🙂

Tyler Storer says:

Love it…learned a couples new tricks today! Thank you!

Jerry Johnson II says:

Thanks for the tips an hacks for my sliding miter saw Sir. Another great video

Carl Mainwaring says:

Love the popsicle stick tip. Thanks for the informative video!

Billy Garfield says:

Great ideas! Thanks.

Ronald Ostromecki says:

I am surprised that some manufacturers would put any old blade on a new miter saw. From a safety standpoint, miter saws should have a specific blade with a negative tooth hook angle.

Andy Kang says:

Wow very good info, thank you for tips.

Gasgiant says:

Great tips, thank you.

Ken Staring says:

Colin, your videos are so informative. Thank for doing them.

Glenn Heiselman says:

Re: the angle cut, I use a trim wedge.

Alan Mullock says:

Good tips Colin!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

bison uberti says:

Excellent… and not just for a sliding miter saw but for any type miter saw.

Erick says:

Dang… I learned something new today.

Michael Smith says:

Love the tips Colin. Thanks 👍🏾👍🏾

Mark McCluney says:

I was sure you'd show some version of those stick things that many folks use so their fingers all well back from the blade. What's your feeling about those mate? Good vid, thanks as always.

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