Unbelievable Carpentry Trick

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How many nails can you balance on the head of one nail? learn how to impress your friends by balancing several nails on that one. http://www.mtknives.net


DolittleMccoy says:

I'm really glad i ran across this video.. When i was a young child my uncle use to do this and me and my friends were amazed.. Many years went by and he passed away in 2001. I've set and thought of this little trick and tried to remember how he did it and how he stacked the nails.. I was unsure until i found your video… Thanks, brought back alot of good memories from my childhood.

Vios & Friends says:

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David Slessor says:

How is this a carpentry trick ?

Brandon-Lee Mcguigan says:

what has this got to do with carpentry???

Thompson Carpentry says:

Lol i bet you messed around on lunch etc and got this trick.

zeppy13131 says:

I knew there was a reason for us to be here on Earth. This is it.

Joel Peart says:

This guy sounds a lot like Bill Paxman. God be good to him

Carlos Ramirez says:

next big step after the moon landing lmao

Namokus says:

Youre a wizard harry

TexasExposure says:

Stupid ass f!!!

Matthew Mitchell says:

4.6 million views for this “trick”? Jfc, I need to get a YT channel stat. How much money will this vid make for you/him?

Ali Al Alawi says:

Finally, something that can get me laid.

Dennis Fajardo says:

My question is; How is that trick beneficial when doing carpentry work?

Tim M says:

I've been a carpenter for over 40 years. This truck has nothing to do with carpentry. NOTHING!

Jack Epley says:

Super trick, thank you for sharing!

jjaapp18 says:

What does this have to do with carpentry? It's just a logic puzzle with nails.

DavidFrat123 says:

Good. This will be absolutely fucking useless in my daily life.

Zach Isaacs says:

Did us so dirty that's a pass it down person-to-person type of thing I learned this trick from a World War 2 veteran neighbor of mine as a kid

ONE lick Rick says:

And this is useful why?

Lorita Alanzo says:

Carpentry trick? This has nothing to do with carpentry.

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