Workshop Life Hacks Episode 10: Woodworking Ideas and Methods

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This episode is a wide range of suggestions and methods within the workshop on every little thing from machine wheels to fast marking gauge that everybody may use and a piece on gap saws and naturally magnets, extra makes use of for magnets … Excellent woodworking find out how to to your woodshop.

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דור לוי says:

How the extended wheels are called? can you add a link to buy?

Jeff H says:

Your square scribe trick is over complicated. Just lay the square down and drag the square and the pencil together. There's a little notch in the end of the ruler that will hold the pencil in line.

Md nazmul Haque says:

thanks for giving useful tips.keep it up plz

dave petry says:

if you put a O ring on the piece that screws into the saw piece it will release much easyer

Tony Guerrero says:

Nice watch.. my wife got me one like that. Is that the zebra wood watch?

Valerie Wells says:

You sure know how to get the the point quickly w/o wasting a lot of time blabbing! Thanks for you brevity & all your videos.

Rough Around the Edges Woodworking says:

Try a fishing yo yo. I have at least 20 of them holding cords up and out of the way. They also work well for holding flexible dust collector hoses out of the way. Just attach them in the direction you want the cord to go, and use the leader to connect to the cable. Super simple.

Anthony Audain says:

Great job clearly explain

Poor OL JC says:

Pretty petty, just purchase two non swivel wheels, jjeesshh

Isa Kocoglu says:

Thank you Colin. As usual some great tips and advice.

xiansheng xu says:

Thank you for sharing!

olivepressdesign says:

You have great videos with a great energy as a presenter and teacher. Thanks for all you do on YouTube. I’ve learnt a lot from you …. and enjoyed it!!

Greg Kalicin says:

Hi Collin Another the r great video. Tried the baking soda & CA glue trick from one of your previous videos and it worked great. Thanks… Greg in NH

Mathai Mathew says:

Like your videos. Thanks for your time Collins

Matt Morrisson says:

"They don't move around!" places chock block around wheel and shakes planer planer moves around

Bram the Wadesmill woodturner says:

I'll be getting a quick release arbour . Thanks Colin
Cheers, Bram

Chewbacca says:

Excellent tips!

peterjoy931 says:

Why do you laugh so often?

Jimmy Tremblay says:

The subtitles say your name is "Calling Canet" hahahah

Tom Truesdale says:

Great "tricks and tips" Thank you

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