Workshop Life Hacks Episode 9: Woodworking Ideas and Tips

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On this woodworking ‘s, I’m working with the drill press in making an epoxy glue stand and exhibiting some new tip and methods when utilizing gap saws, like drilling holes faster, enlarging them and even digging damaged off screws and nails from embedded wooden. The following pointers are nice methods in woodworking for newbies!

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Art T. says:

I watch all different fancy maker channels, but I still really love this channel. Colin’s very calm demeanor and great instructions are great. Thanks Colin

dmb1995ta says:

The guy has a wooden watch! Sweet!

Jared Andersen says:

Good job pops.

Phil Boardman says:

We tend to cut a good inch off the box that the epoxy came in, and then glue a slightly bigger base to the bottom of the packet, no drilling needed and it works too……!!

debeeriz says:

wrapping painters tape around the plug is quicker than waiting for a heat gun to warm up

Kenny Ginn says:

I'm a towtruck driver, and the other day I towed  a young gentlemans car the other day and he had the same last nane as you. I didn't ask him if he was related, but Knecht isn't a coomon name so I was wondering. I'm in Tucson, AZ, got any relatives here?

j dog says:

I've been storing my glues upside down for years but not just so it's always at the tip of the bottle. I do it so that the air that gets trapped in the bottle dries out the glue at the bottom of the container, not at the top

buddy carroll says:

I spend a lot of time in my wood shop and thanks Colin for the great shortcuts and tips.

Harry Davis says:

Thanks for sharing, Colin.

Bram the Wadesmill woodturner says:

Love the hole saw tip and a great glue pot stand too.
Cheers, Bram

Fred Derf says:

Simple and effective, I like it.

Chris Sewell says:

Cool glue stand. I may adapt that idea to work on my peg board wall, along my bench. Just cut some pegs to fit into the side of the stand, or just hang it (as you made it) on the pegs.

Sal C says:

Great little stand… Thank for posting 🙂

Catfish Cave says:

Wonderful glue holder Idea! I'm thinking a fancier finished one for mustard, ketchup and honey.

Jerry Johnson II says:

Great tips Sir an thanks for the knowledge.

Christopher Fox says:

Love your vids sir, keep up the great wOrk

Pyro_Chip says:

Love these videos Colin! Your channel is amazing!

Chelsea Metayer says:

You view your epoxy as half empty. I see it is half full.

Andy P says:

oooh new font!

John Thompson says:

Great idea for the broken screw.Sure I will be doing that soon lol

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