18 issues each starting woodworker ought to know

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New to woodworking? Listed below are some trustworthy ideas and recommendation to get began. Searching for a significant, productive interest? Discover ways to arrange store for lower than $1000. Obtain my FREE GUIDE ► https://theweekendwoodworker.com/tww-tools/

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Davi Brilhante says:

Hi! I'm from Brazil and I really love woodworking! I live in wood paradise, but doing woodworking is very difficult mainly because of space, high tool prices, scarcity of suppliers and the lumbers are disappearing. After watching this video I fell very excited to start my beginner projects!

Utheriss says:

I recently built the desk im sitting at out of a old boxspring from a bed

Angel Cortes says:

Steve… great job…!!! Thanks for the tips, keep the good work.

Sambulate says:

Oh, Steve. I love you, man! <3

scrmngchicken403 says:

When it comes to tools, most of what I have are from Harbor Freight. Others I got used on OfferUp. I don't mind HF tools because I am comfortable with modifying or adjusting them to make them work flawlessly. In about a week's time I'm heading to HF to buy my first wood lathe. Tools are tools. Some wear out fast, some need to be "refined" just a bit.

alex tworkowski says:

You can use firewood to make small projects. It doesn't get much cheaper than that. Square it up and remember, it's hardwood. Hardwood is highly sought after.
Greene and Greene is revered as being fine woodworking and X-rays show that they used screws that were covered with plugs to make it look "fine-er".

Nick Brown says:

@6:52 is my biggest flaw with my projects I always hate what I've made and pick it apart with a criticism afterward.

Patrick McCauley says:

My first project was a bench. It was wobbly and cockeyed, and I couldn’t have been more proud! Thanks for all the great videos Steve.

Mr Ferris says:

Best tip I got is that not all splinters are the same. Some are toxic and will cause infection. Thanks blackthorn and ebony for wrecking 2017

nik amin says:

thanx for the useful tips steve which sketch up app you use?

nik amin says:

not making pilot holes and not gluing where my first mistakes, and of course rushing to bay the latest cordless tools
well now im learning to do it the old ways!

TheGrubbShow by Gary says:

First time to your channel and I am a fan.  I appreciate our genuine approach to the hobby of wood working.  Its something I my self am starting to get into as a hobby and it has been intimidating at times, mostly due to the cost of TOOLS.  Man tools can get expensive real fast.  Then I hope on the old YouTube and watch some of my favorite wood working channels for inspiration and see guys with  massive shops and a plethora of amazing tools at their disposal.  I head down to my local Home Depot and quickly get turned off by the price tags every where.  I now have a small and modest set of decent wood working tools, the basics, I am doing my best to put these specific tools to work.  I am enjoying the process of just learning the tools and spending time out side making something, even if its just a simple box.  Anyways I will continue to follow your channel for inspiration on things I could try building at home.  It is far cheaper to just go buy a desk, but their is some joy in accomplishing building something all on your own, that's what beginners truly need to know.

Terry Pagel says:

As a lifetime object maker the best advice was given, but I'll reiterate it. Nothing is perfect. DON'T POINT OUT THE SUPPOSED FLAWS IN YOUR WORK.

Most people will never notice.

An old artist friend used to love to collect early works by budding craftsmen. Once you "master" a material you can never make it look like those first few pieces. Inevitably you get tired of the slick pro look, but can never really go back – only change your style. Its a lovely irony that he understood all too well. They truly are the rarest pieces cherish them even if they aren't highly sought after.

On the same note, it awesome to see a project you made ten years ago and you still view it as a good project. Then you know you have "arrived."

Ethan says:

Hey man , thanks for taking the time to put this together. Seriously thank you.

Mike Darr says:

YEP!!! Keep it Simple!

Pannemat says:

This pine is RAW!!!

Sorry, wrong Ramsey.

Justin Ballew says:

Amazingly accurate video!

terry4144 says:

get a planer thicknesser plenty of free wood in skips

JC Knives says:

I've been making knives for over 40 years and I could almost copy this video to help new knife makers get started. #1… be positive… You were!! #2. don't let all the nay sayers or poo pooers or holier than thowers stop you from starting you hit the nail on the head. #3… Do one, then do another and keep doing it… again… you hit it on the head… Well done!! If I had half the stage presence you do, well… now I might just take our advise and make some good youTube videos… but then I wouldn't be in my shop building cool things… since videography isn't my hope, dream… I'll let you do that. Put a few things up just to be of some help… that's it. Well done. Thanks!!! ((Subscribed))

Tim,sRetirementLife says:

Love your videos I have some pictures you might like

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