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Crickett 038 says:

OK ok ok I’ll be the bad guy. This stuff is junk and if you took pride in your work you wouldn’t keep referring to “batching things out”. Nothing worth building and investing your time and original design on utilizes this approach. Customers will inevitably pay more for quality custom built original furniture. Slapping pre-fab Chinese metal legs on a small slab and calling it a custom coffee table is a crime against craftsmanship and your self pride. Videos like this really anger me. Oh, and she has no idea what the h$ll she’s talking about either. I take great pride in my furniture, the true art of selecting fine materials and using master joinery, and all the craftsman who have paved the road before us. They’re turning over in their graves…

My Opinion says:

Much better than the Whisperer asshole and his wife…well done guys

Lightning48 says:

Jennie sure is savey in business. First time seeing your channel. Of course I’ve subscribed. Looking forward to seeing more of you guys.

Mr. B says:

Hi from 🇨🇦 This is my first time watching one of your videos. I found the information very interesting and helpful. As well as entertaining. I subscribed 👍

Foothill Custom Furniture says:

SMH…the fast food of furniture

Peacedog 1 says:

Yet another great video!! Thanks for the great info. Watched many of them now and seem to take something useful away from each one!
Keep it up!!! 😊🇨🇦

Brian Bishop says:

You guys crack me up. “It’s our transition” 😂

Rowlett54 says:

“It’s something I heard from AvE”
Maybe this guy is worth watching, seems like he has good taste in entertainment . lol

thaitichi says:

Tried watching several videos but keep getting some bad vibes from this guy

Jonathan Ellis DIY Videos says:

Cool upload! Nice projects for sure, most of my money makers!

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

Hey thanks for the shout-out! Yeah, those Realtors' clients eat it up. Some good tips in there!

DCD Laser & CNC says:

Great day information! Love the dog!

Jody Claborn says:

Great ideas. I do woodworking just personally, but I’ll definitely be making the blanket ladder!

TeddyBear DIY says:

I dont know why Youtube suggested this video to me but I watched it anyway. I'm from South Africa and around here, people just dont want to pay what something is actually worth, even if you only charge the cost of materials. I dont get much time for doing any woodworking anymore due to my day job being really crazy but a few years ago I made a round side table (see my profile picture) for a online competition and showed it to my dad first. He then immediately wanted two of them. When my brother in another part of the country saw a picture of it, he also wanted a couple for himself PLUS some extra that he could sell to co-workers of his. But despite my own co-workers loving the design, they are all too tight-fisted to even pay a quarter of the price……

West by God Virginia woodworks says:

Great video guys

Watch Me DIY It says:

Awesome info!
Thinking about doing a craft fair next year. Subbed! 👍🏽

Paul Buckel Jr says:

Good video!

Victoria Hesenflow says:

Thanks for the INFO.

sawdust projects says:

Awesome video, plus it was helpful. Thanks

Phil Gibbons says:

I took something from the advice. Thanks for sharing, guys. Good luck.

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