A Complete Information to Reducing Dovetails – Suggestions and Tips Galore

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Vacation Dovetail Problem: http://bit.ly/holidayIGdovetailchallenge
This weeks woodworking joint is a complete information to chopping excellent dovetails. I’ve included all the things I learn about chopping dovetails and all the information and tips I’ve discovered through the years. Let me know within the feedback what joint you’d wish to see subsequent week. Thanks for watching! Please like, remark and subscribe. Cheers!
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Katz-Moses Woodworking Shop says:

Check this out: Holiday Dovetail Challenge: http://bit.ly/holidayIGdovetailchallenge

wdh375xen says:

Very nice. One question as I may be missing something and considering your flipping the board anyway when cutting, why wouldn’t you have a jig with the 8:1 angle on one side and 6:1 on the other? Getting both angles for the same price would sure make the tool more attractive.

Jim Bo says:

The rebate is a great improvement. Testing with the square also is new to me. Also using the jig to ease the pins is good too. Also collecting the sawdust. In fact a very detailed video. The only one I’ve seen that deals with imperfections.

Greg's Garage says:

Easily the best dovetail video I've seen. Bravo.

Andrew Murray says:

Holy smokes, thats a great dovetail video right there!! Great job yet again!


Cameron Weir says:

Man your hand tools are gorgeous can’t find anything of that quality here in Scotland

Barbara Haberman says:

Is there a reason, besides the aesthetics for the pins and tails to be so uneven?

Le PicBois says:

So satisfying to watch you work man! 😃

Sarah says:

Wish you did this without a dovetail jig. Such a handicap for me.

Taylor Barnett says:

Thank you, Jimmy Kimmel!

B Souza says:

Why are the pins made so narrow? Wouldn’t the joint be stronger with balanced sized pins and tails?

JayGreyhood says:

The Guy Fieri of Woodworking 🔥🔥🔥

64blip says:

A file? WTF? Never in my life!! Get the cut right first time! Which sounds like some Yoda shit but is in fact a lot easier than raising an X-wing out of the swamp.

yard limit says:

opposite of proud = HUMBLE

Shane Clifford says:

Opposite of proud: my parents 🙂

Jlm Foy says:

Hi Mr KM, do you export your dovetailing jig to the UK? If so who is the supplier. Fantastic instruction. Regards Jim.

Atli Már Erlingsson says:

Got a new sub 😉

Ted Hopp says:

Do you always do your clean up by sanding? What about using a plane? Particularly if you're trying to remove the marking lines, seems like a little planing would be easier than "ten minutes of sanding."

mdelgado436 says:

Great video. I struggle with the chiseling–always ruin the baseline. I wonder whether my marking line is deep enough for the chisel. I can do all of the other parts fairly well.

Sakis Pap says:

Hi there, its my first view on your channel, it was on my recommended ones, and I got intrigued by the Challenge.. Just wondering, do I have to make a video, and send you, or just a picture of the finished job?? ( I did understood the rest ok.)) Nice Idea, I am getting on it!!! nice video too btw!

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