Bandsaw Hacks – 5 Band Noticed Suggestions and Methods

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The Bandsaw is one in all woodworking most beneficial machines due to it is versatility and ease of use, for reducing veneers, wooden joints, spherical or sq. cuts and all with the assistance of a range of bandsaw blades, bandsaw jigs and bandsaw methods.
On this video, I present 5 woodworking ideas and tips for bandsaws.

Bandsaw Blade Restore:
Easy methods to Change a Bandsaw Blade & Rigidity Bandsaw Blades:
Easy methods to Make a Circle Chopping Jig for a Bandsaw:
Easy methods to Setup a Bandsaw:

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Stiff Wood says:

interesting, i've used that table/band saw combo method for yrs, but i dont think i've seen it on ytu,,, excellent video

Harry Davis says:

Thanks, Colin. Good video on the bandsaw.

Jim Greenhouse says:

Colin, you time and time again show us so many simple tips that most of us may never think to try. Please keep up your fantastic videos. Just awesome

Linda Elfstrand says:

This is Garry not Linda. I don't want to discount what Colin has laid out but I suggest you go up to the search bar and find: Alex Snodgrass Bandsaw Setup. It's 35 minutes long but will be the best 35 minutes you'll spend for a long time. He goes through everything from blade adjustment through correct tensioning and blade alignment showing you how to eliminate drift altogether.

Ivo Kolarik says:

Check out Alex Snodgass Method video.
He would be the band saw master his set up method eliminates bandsaw drift

david atfus says:

it never even occurred to me to try putting a 7.25" blade on my table saw…. interesting.

Tommy Big Sexy says:

Very informative video. Thank you much 👍☺

Heylar says:

I have two problems with my band saw. 1. My blades run on the upper wheel toward the rear and on the bottom wheel toward the front and I don"t know how to get the blade centered. 2. My blades keep breaking at the seam where they are welded together. Especially on the narrow blades and it is getting very expensive.

tMattLZ says:

I prefer the term "construction triangle"

Paul Kolodner says:

Would it be useful to install a brush that constantly wipes the tires as they turn?

PPKay says:

Thanks Colin. That tip for cutting the veneer on the table saw and bandsaw was very handy, as it's something I do often. Many thanks.

Joe Brown says:

All good tips Colin. Sawdust resin will stick like glue on the tires.

Bram the Wadesmill woodturner says:

Again more good tips and ticks from you Colin especially pre cutting on the table saw !
Cheers, Bram

Richard Rider says:

Thanks Colin. Really picked some good tips…cheers…rr Normandy

Tim Caron says:

Great video Colin.  I really like the precut on the table saw idea.  I will try that the next time.  See you soon.  Stay safe.   Tim

Mark McCluney says:

Nice vid mate, always enjoyable. Could you comment on blade tension? I always keep my blades much tenser than the manufacturer suggests – this solved cut drift problems I used to have and I haven't noticed any conspicuous shortening of the blade-life. In thirty-odd years of (almost) daily bandsaw use I've broken only two blades – I think blade tension is an important point.


Awesome tip and tricks my brother very good ideas to,I love your shirts to they are very nice later 🙂

Siamak Lighvani says:

When the bandsaw blade is getting rusty specially on the wider range it start to grab the wood. Technically / idealistically the tip of blade should have the contact /do the job.

D says:

If you want to ensure your speed square fence is still square and still use the large flat side. Stack them. Use one to get square and then stack the second one on top at a 90 degree angle.

Chef_PC says:

I love that you have the cord end in your shots when working with the unpowered saw. Great forethought to keep the safety comments away.

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