Bow Tie Inlay—The best way to Inlay Wooden—Woodworking DIY

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The best way to inlay a wooden bow tie, Dutchman joint, or anything with straight strains! Easy suggestions and tips to get good outcomes, even you probably have errors that want fixing.

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Dede Saderan says:

A nice creation…it give me idea..!

nico costas says:

good job…

Humus Workshop says:

Very nicely done!

Austin Glazier says:

Hey BlackTail Studios,

My name is Austin and I work at Totalboat. I am reaching out because I was wondering if you would be interested in partnering up on some videos. We are a boating company that has varnishes, epoxies, and paints. What I was hoping was that I send you like a gallon of epoxy that you can use in a video or multiple videos and I generate a code for you and your followers on youtube that gets you 20% off our product. Let me know what you think.

Denise Wascavage says:

I don't know how I found you, but I'm so happy I did. Thanks for sharing your knowledge it's so helpful for new makers.

Manol Krastev says:

LOL! Great job! 🙂

Yusuf patel says:

Xcellent right down to the voice.Now how did you make th double X'es that yo put in th cut out?

Daniel Miller says:

Your whole video was spent on one task and you broke it down very well
This was a great video.

Alan Simpson says:

Very enjoyable and informative video.

Ken Vincent says:

Nice video. Subscribed straight away.

Paul Watterson says:

Good work –

River J Brooks says:

You got to be kidding!! Ads in middle of songs, thumb down

softminimal1 says:

Were the legs steel?

The Naked Carpenter says:

Great video. Keep em coming!

Mahendra Tiwari says:

Beautifully demonstrated 👌😊

Randy Allaway says:

Oh sure, "the client" requested it. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, buddy. 😀

Rosd King says:

Love these videos, the quality is great

Rosd King says:

Love these videos, the quality is great

ASLMaverick says:

Pretty Cool! love it!

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