Mud Assortment Set up Ideas,Methods and Store Made Blast Gates

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Get the Diy Blast Gate Plans HERE:
This week I stroll you thru my DIY Mud Assortment System with Store Made Blast Gates and a ground sweep. I’ve realized rather a lot about mud assortment over the past couple years. Particularly, don’t use pvc cement and don’t use any arduous 90 diploma turns anyplace within the system.
I used the most cost effective choice of mud assortment pipe in each four” drain pipe with and outdoors dimension of four.215” and 6” Skinny Wall PVC with an out of doors dimension of 6.25”. I’m going to attempt to blow up a mud collector within the coming weeks and run some exams on the system. Let me know what questions you’ve an I’ll reply them in a future video. And no, I didn’t floor my system and don’t plan to. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe, like remark and share. Cheers!
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Marc DiGirolomo says:

Of all your videos, this one sucks most.

James Casalino says:

So fun to see you giddy about dust collection. Nice setup!

Frank Murphy says:

Ouch on that adapter cost. This actually what got me to get a 3d printer (after watching which has some other cool tricks). The Ender 3, for one example, is super affordable and probably could print the exact same adapter in under 24 hours and less than 10 bucks worth of filament. Especially since you obviously have prior CAD experience. Food for thought.

Selandry1 says:

Way to go on the static/safety troll comment. I have had the safety police troll me on my system for not grounding. Thanks for your video. Nice system!

Dark Delta says:

The floor sweep +1. Really nice Version 2.0 system. A shop is a ongoing work in progress. Add something and the dynamics change.

Genaro Gomez says:

Very nice! Have you contacted Home Depot for sponsorship? It help keep your costs down.

Oyler Ben says:

Is it maybe a fire issue with the fine dust and the static?

Chris Fields says:

Please do a video on your drill press dust collection setup.

2558jmb says:

I have 5" metal pipe in my Dust Collection any plans to release blast gate plans for 5"
Also i just purchased your Dovetail Jig, Alignment board, and stop block cant waite for them to arrive so i can start using them.

adkchip1 says:

Not to be that guy, but you essentially grounded that system with the mechanics wire to steel of your building.

Adam Geerts says:

What hp is the dust collector in the video?

Airn5475 says:

Where did you get that flexible neck wand for the router?

Debbie Hill says:

Do you have a link to those quick releases?

Steve Borch says:

Great video. A lot of good tips!!

Bruce Calengor says:

where did you get the articulated wand for the router table

Philip Allen says:

Hi, have you had any issues of static electric on the pipes yet? What's your view on the value of earthing dust lines in wood shops? –

Geeks Wood Shop says:

This is a great setup Jonathon, very well thought out. I also built the rotational style blast gates. I'll never use anything else. You mentioned attaching them to the wall, I built all my gates to attach to the walls and ceilings while holding up pipe, I've got two videos on those builds if you are still looking for ideas. Your new shop is looking amazing!

Make Brooklyn says:

That looks like a fantastic system!

Chevrolet Diesel Nation says:

Awesome system

You should have a shop tour video

John Made it says:

Nice. Cool idea with the coloured rope on the blast gates. If you want more visibility with the blast gate you could paint them red and green so that one colour would be blocked from view when it was opened or closed. Tim sway did a mod with big yogurt pots on the on each machine so that the flexible pipe would fiction fit on and could be quickly changed from machein to machein.

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