The way to Sq. a Sq. and Make it True | Hand Software Woodworking tip

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So how precisely do you sq. a sq.? Whether or not it’s a tri-square, framing, carpenter’s, or mixture sq. they could or might not really be sq.. here’s a fast methodology to test it with out the usage of one other sq. and the way to restore and repair the sq..

The way to make a Structure sq. –

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luke hunter says:

Theme song out of tune

Gary Cooper says:

As Chuck Berry would say,

Old try square, why can’t you be true?

Oh old try square, why can’t you be true?

You’ve started back doing the things you used to do.

Ian Knobben says:

Ok…. interesting, but I would assume the metal blade is parallel and if that is the case it would seem illogical to file down 2 sides of the metal blade when you could focus on filing the brass portion. I'd even go as far as to say use a sharpie on the area that to are wanting to reduce

Ch33ki DVL says:

Bought a brand new 18 centimetre Empire Aluminium Speed square today,and its out by half a millimetre ,so its going back to get a refund

Matt Ezell says:

How have I never seen this video till now? I've created an entire play list just for tool maintenance and this is invaluable to that. Thank you.

Chad Presson says:

Testing the square works just as good with a pencil if you don’t have a marking knife
Just mark your first line flip the square and line up the square to the bottom of the first mark and start your pencil at the bottom and go to the top, your lines should match exactly if the square is true if not the lines will separate

Yarbianthebarbarian says:

How many folks out there don't have a square, but have a jointer? Still a pretty useful video though, gotta find something flat in my shop now!

Traditional Archery Guide says:

It's hip to be square?

EL EVO says:

Just buy another square and don't be such a Square. :oP

Thanks for the video.

-perclf says:

was this episode sponsored by squarespace?

Derrick Bentham says:

Really useful info. I was wondering how to do this or if it was even possible to true a square. Thanks

Jules Webb says:

For some reason I've never been confident enough to do this, but now I've seen you do it successfully I'll sort all my squares this way, as none of them are dead-on square! I thought of passing the edges (once squared) over sandpaper glued to a sheet of glass to ensure absolute straightness : )

The Kaveman says:

The other test is the back side of the square by placing a straight edge on board and pressing square against it and repeating your measurements. At this stage you now have all the information understanding whats actually out of square

The Kaveman says:

You are assuming the square is straight first before the test shown and that needs to be checked because often the are dropped

Анатолий Тимохин says:


Manuel Antonio says:

wtf are you doing man? what its wrong in your square isnt the metal part but the wood cable that its what you put close your pine wood because of that when you turn your square what change its the wood square part, the metal part its inverted but its the same "face" you make the first and second cut.

Tim Elmore says:

Could you take the material off of the wooden handle?

AlergicToSnow says:

If you have to file a square to make it square, then you likely shouldn’t have bothered with it in the first place. So many better options on which to spend your money.

zoltanie says:

Drinking game idea, take a shot every time he says 'Square'! you'll be dead by the first minute =D

johnnypk1963 says:

Bro, “Plywood doesn’t warp or bend” is a patently false statement. U have to know that. Go to HD or L box stores the way they store their plywood leads to it’s warping and bending.

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