Measuring Mud Assortment Airflow | Woodworking

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What makes an efficient mud assortment system? It is necessary to decide on the fitting mud collector, nevertheless it’s equally necessary to decide on the fitting hose measurement, hose kind, and fittings to get probably the most out of your system. On this video, you will find out how airflow is effected by the hose measurement, hose size, fittings, and structure of your mud assortment system. We measure airflow in several conditions to reveal how every element results the effectiveness of your workshop mud assortment system.

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akbychoice says:

Even going from 3” to 4” you nearly double the volume.

Myrkskog says:

dear god, the size of rthat powermatic unit is absurd!

Sleepydog says:

A very clear way of explaining this! Im interested in the pros and cons of mixing different diameters. Is it best to stick with one at all times? I bought a "shop vac" (not the brand though) and it has a 32mm diameter. Is there any point in using a larger diameter for a longer path? (when the machine is in the other end of the shop for instance).

brentnop says:

As a Student in a Prof. Bachelor WoodTechnology I can really say this a fantastic way to explain the basics of dust collection. Great Work!

lwoodt1 says:

Nice to see Sandor still in the woodworking business and still teaching us in a way that we can understand and apply to our shops.

Ron Davis says:

Unless you get a whole room that is a vacuum chamber you will never solve miter saw dust collection

Kevin Doyle says:

Nice job, as a retired mechanical engineer I was impressed with the way you showed the principles. Now if you can just solve the miter saw’s problem of miserably poor dust collection.

Hassan Al-Mosawi Al-Mosawi says:

Thanks for sharing that

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