One of many Strongest Wood Joints Ever Devised for Woodworking

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Right here is among the strongest picket joints ever devised for woodworking. This joint is an previous joint that has been used for hundreds of years. The half dovetail joint has been used all around the world for timbered constructions and furnishings making. The Japanese have mastered its use of their distinctive fashion of timber framing. On this one we’re stealing the thought for our personal planer stand. One of the best factor about this joint is that it’s simple to take aside and in a woodshop that may be a good factor. Tonight we minimize the tenons for the joint and tomorrow evening we will likely be engaged on the mortises. Hope you of us take pleasure in it.

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Rob Prince says:

They look to be different lengths

Rob Prince says:

What ever became of the owl 🦉 Was it setting up a roost ?

amber cromby says:

I'm going with the measuring on the opposite faces when running the dado. The tenons look to be at different depths from this view point.

Hope This Works 'Our Homestead' says:

i think you have the figure side facing the wrong direction or you wanted the knot on the bottom. just my guess Jim!

Salty Dog says:

Black walnut!! 💦

Dan Ryan says:

I just read through some of the comments…looks like you may have made a whole lot of mistakes that you may not have been aware of…until you asked.  🙂

Ton De Bruin says:

hey hello, you have a great self-build barn .. this is also something for you i think … enjoy building a dutch windmill 🙂 ..

James Harris says:

wont be me but i will learn when you show us

Wietze Talsma says:

Looks to me like you cut the tennon on four sides instead of just three. You now have a step on top of the tennon, where the wedge is to go.

Douglas Mungham says:

Prof you cut the shoulder all the way round

Milt Clark says:

Why does the pitch change higher when a hand saw gets toward the end of the cut?

tubularguynine says:

I feel the same way about the weather. And nothin' like a good F-bomb to go along with the bomb cyclone! Maybe you cut on the wrong side of the mark on one end?

Alex Wilson says:

It looked like you cut on the wrong side of the line another great video Jim 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

Jay Littleton says:

One tenon should have been left hand thread, so you can adjust the brace like a turnbuckle.

A J Taylor says:

Really James that Irwin saw looks like a Tennessee hillbilly's mouth. It's missing so many teeth you can see the gaps in Canada!!! Hint, hint know what I mean!!!

Koality of Life says:

I haven't learned enough from you yet to see the mistake you made, but I will be interested in learning what the mistake is so I don't make it myself. 🙂

Rottinrock says:

I'm blind in one eye and can't see out the other so I don't see the mistake. You ever watch EngelsCoachShop ?

Dale Thorp says:

A freaken HEAT wave.

ozzie barton says:

love the sound of rain on a tin roof, reminds me of my grandparents farm.

shartne says:

That is beautiful wood. We use to make bases for bronzes out of some really dark black walnut like that, we rubbed them down with Tung Oil its beautiful. Tung Oil is really fun to rub the piece out with and it gets deeper and deeper with every coat I love Tung Oil. Yeah I wouldn't let any of that black Walnut go to waste its really expensive and make beautiful stuff like your doing right there. Its not that the saw is so dull as the wood is Hard. That is some hard ass wood. Not as hard as oak or ash but really durable.

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