Woodworking Tip: Waxing Screws

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Waxing screws makes them simpler to drive. Use this easy tip to simply apply wax that stays on the screw.

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Jeff Bullick says:

Is this necessary if you are using an impact driver like in the video? Does it prevent stripping the wood or something? I can see it being useful if you were using a regular old screwdriver, but I'm not sure I understand the benefit if you are using an impact driver. Honest question – not trying to be a troll.

D Reeves says:

Paste wax also works well.

Dennis Daigle says:

Bee's wax, and no it does not make your shop sell better.

Fred Boling says:

Why bother with melting wax…a bar of soap does the same thing.

ron5935 says:

I am sure this works well. So does a bar of Ivory soap

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