Woodworking Suggestions – Methods to Apply Flocking

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Woodworking Suggestions – George Vondriska supplies recommendations on the way to apply flocking to wooden. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) unique video.

Go to http://www.wwgoa.com/ for extra woodworking movies!


HULKY 777 says:

Been doing vanity work myself flocking application is tricky if your not careful. You can avoid buying applicator by use of baby powder bottles. This also let's flock flow out with greater force pushing it into adhesive more effectively. Avoid all other adhesives,regardless nothing is better than what's intended for type of flock, wood has tendency of absorbing adhesive, so be sure to coat surface with any sealant, this will keep flock adhesive from absorbing

hizo64HH says:

Great video!

Marc Henry says:

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Uranicspore says:

I my dad's shed rn. doesn't hgelp geta thatna disAKaLCoike

richard culverhouse says:

Thank you George. Trawled loads of vids. YOURS is the only one that mentions "sealing" the wood !

Evgen Petsko says:

You should go to woodprix if you'd like to make it yourself guys.

Jenna Rancho says:

What color did you use in this video?

LitAfuseiCantStop says:

Could you use craft glue or only specific adhesive? Also can you color the glue/adhesive yourself using concentrated food color or paint? Thanks in advance for any tips!

Diane Kayser says:

where do you get the flocking from

NeedlesSTKane says:

7 people can go flock themselves SUPER WITTY JOKE!

Jeff ← says:

6 people didn't match the adhesive color to the flocking color…

Randi Poet says:

This is exactly what I needed.  So much less intimidating than it seemed earlier!  Thank you!

WoodWorkers Guild Of America says:

No, the adhesive isn’t brittle. Hide glue is the adhesive commonly used under paint for a crackled finish. Not sure if it would work under flocking.

K Zap says:

Is the adhesive brittle? I need brittle adhesive for a cracking effect

youtert says:


www.GPcarAudio.com says:

No flapping here

marqueori says:

hi where can i get the tube

Irene Dalitou says:

Hi is it the same effect as the static flocking devices

Monte Costa says:

I have been doing flocking for years in jewelery boxes, drawers etc. it works great. Instead of the tube applicator I got the industrial one that I hook up to an air compressor, much easier.

MechanicalAnimal says:

By the title I thought this would be a sex ed video. Ironically, it is about a velvet lined box.

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