Woodworking Tips: Using Cauls and Playing Cards for Even Clamp Pressure

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George Vondriska teaches you a neat little trick for creating tighter biscuit joints on your shelving. After inserting the biscuits into their slots and filling them with glue, he likes to put two playing cards between the case side of a shelf that will be clamped and a flat caul. This will allow the glue to dry uniformly and seamlessly across the entire edge of the shelf.


Small Workshop Guy says:

Hmm… thanks, George. It is these little "tricks of the trade" that I find so useful – things one would never think about on their own. Keep up the good work. Particularly like your live sessions.

Sam P says:

You would get a much better joint if you cut a dado and glue that. And faster to

Commenter Five says:

Good idea. When I'm getting low on cards, I just put a king and queen under the caul. When go to remove em, find 3 cards.

Bob Pond says:

Nice video. This is another example of how simple, straight-edged cauls with shims can be used as a substitute for cutting cauls with a "camber" (curve). Much easier.

Richard Short says:

Why the 3 degree angle on the clamp up 🤔

Akira utsav says:

Thank you so much for the vid. Have you seen Woddy Hyezmar's book yet? I've found videos to be a better teacher for me, though he is still giving it away, google him.

Garrett Ducat says:

Painters tape top temporarily hold the caul. plane a camber into the caul so you don't need to mess with the cards.

TheRacerRich says:

I guess these are what they call cauling cards. Ba dum tish

rschandran says:

Great tip and saves a lot of time trying to make the caul just curved enough to close the center. Had a hard time trying to keep the panels flat while glue up for my cutting boards but I will try these the next time.

Does not need to increase the height (number of cards) proportional to the length of the cauls?

maripocita37 says:

Does it have to be a queen and a four?

Erik Whitehill says:

The Robert Bridges quote is great.

gallos cornel says:

Hey. Have you ever considered trying the Tarkhavo planned woodworking course (do a search on google)? Ive heard some great things about it and my neighbor up the street built some pretty cool indoor climbing things for cats with it.

Bruno Tachelet says:

Mostly, I use small, outdated HPL -samples. They are strong, thin (0.9mm) and free.

Matthew Smith says:

Plane a camber on the timber!

Howard Hagadorn says:

I used to run a euchre tournament so I had lots of used playing cards. I use them for shims all over the shop, to use as a spacer when you want to move that fence over just a smidge, to lift a plate in a router table or a zero clearance insert in the table saw a few thou

Andrew Stading says:

That is nice but you could use just about anything.  I normally fold a sheet of printer paper over quite a few times

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