Workshop Life Hacks Episode 11: Woodworking Ideas and Methods

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On this episode of woodshop hacks, we now have ideas and tips on the workbench, the cordless hand drill, the desk noticed and a fast have a look at some LED lamps for the workshop and the way they can be utilized for much more than simply lighting in your wooden working instruments.

Get the work lights right here:

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xiansheng xu says:

You are my good teacher!thankyou!

Mark Aramaki says:

Appreciate it…thanks!

Joe M says:

Great video Colin i use dewalt battery operated lights no cords get in the way

Forest Taber says:

Fantastic. Thank you, Colin!

Xtreme Compilations! says:

amazing tips and tricks great job!

StuffUCanMake says:

I think you have found your calling on YouTube and it is this: to teach other makers like me how to do things right.

Harry Powers says:

As always Colin—an OUTSTANDING video! I always learn a lot from you, thanks.

woodworkinggallery says:

awesome tips and tricks!!!

Carl Alm says:

That light would be great for my welding table!

mattikaki says:

Thanks for the magnet hint. It can be used in many other situations too.

warpo007 says:

Great tips as usual Mr Colin!! You (and everyone watching) are clever enough to make LED strip lighting yourself, it's so basic, even i can do it! it's 2 wires and a tiny resistor very simple to solder, 12V to 24V max. I use old phone chargers or even old laptop power cords.

Otto Leisering says:

I know that this comes across as a meme but you must think we're pretty stupid since you spent about 8 minutes explaining the use of lamps.

Bill Carroll says:

They look like they have some pretty heavy duty magnets on them. 👌
Some really good ideas to utilise these in any workshop, cheers mate👍

Mark Macauley says:

Thanks for the great video and tips Colin!

Jerry Johnson II says:

Cool magnetic lamps !!!!!!!!!!

Graham Orm says:

Like! Offcuts and magnet in particular………will I remember them? Probably not LOL.

Bear Creek Woodworking says:

I enjoy these tips! very Cool!

Abunai One says:

I have a variety of led lamps with clamps, magnets and heavy bases. My favorite "working" led light is a head lamp. The light follows everywhere my eyes go. I use it for setting up my boat and RV in the dark so I don't bother the neighbors. When I'm in an awkward position, like under the boat or RV, it's nice to be able to move and have both hands free to do the work. Yes, it does use batteries but there are no cords to worry about.

Doug Prentice says:

L.E.D. lights are game changers.

Joe Brown says:

Really impressed with both lights & what you can do with them. My eyes are not like they used to be.

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