10 BEST Woodworking Instruments you NEED Underneath $100

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Chad Stanton provides you his 10 BEST woodworking instruments you want in your store below $100. These MUST HAVE instruments will assist you get your initiatives constructed, with out breaking the financial institution.

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High 10 Important Woodworking Instruments Video

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Jeff Burton says:

Good choices, Chad.Although I rarely use a jigsaw, it does come in handy for certain cuts.Does anyone still make the "Scrolling Jigsaw"?I use to have a nice one but it grew legs on a jobsite.

Mark Hazlewood says:

Chad, I agree mostly, but where are you getting a compound mitre saw for $100 or less? The mitre box sure, but not the electric one. BIG difference between these.

Stelios Kasikis says:

Very professional , thank you

russargabright says:

I have all ten including your router table that I built from your plans.

Jay Schafer says:

I'd add a ShopVac or even leaf blower to help remove/move dust and shavings.

When my neighbors' windows are not open, I've gotten in the habit of just grabbing the battery for my handheld leaf blower and using that to blow the dust out of my garage and driveway, sweeping or picking up any chunks. The neighbors have yet to complain, and the wind and air currents from cars driving down the road disperses the sawdust quite quickly, so that it can naturally decompose. 15-30 seconds with the leaf blower is usually about all it takes for me, so it's very quick.

Mark Harris says:

I’m a newbie and thus far my most used tools are:

1) My benches, vices and holdfast
2) My measuring tools (Tape, folding rule, triangle, squares, protractor, various callipers, T square, steel rule etc)
3) My shop vac
4) My safety gear (mask, glasses and ear protectors)
5) My back saws
6) My hand planes
7) My chisels
8) My clamps
9) My iPad for instructions
10) My coping saw.

I have the tools mentioned in the video, but I find the circular saw redundant for what I do small pieces of furniture and furnishings but mainly large photograph frames for my images. I do use my table saw, bandsaw and routers a lot and as I don’t have a thicknesser/planer and don’t have room for one I use my electric plane to do the big stuff before using my jointer plane.

Rahul Poddar says:

I am a newbie in this. It helped me a lot. Very Nice Suggestions. Loved the Video. Thanks..

Raider Nation says:

Good stuff , now on this list I have most of them lol ,, thank you for taking ur time on helping us out

allan nielsen says:

Chad, I totally agree with your number one pick. The skilsaw is king. On the job site it is the most versatile tool.

Larry from Lincoln County, WA says:

Spot on, Chad!! Tough, as you pointed out, to prioritize sometimes, but the actual group of 10 tools will allow a person to make very satisfying and useful projects, in a small space, and on a modest budget. Thanks, Chad!

jeblubber jeblubber says:

Hast du gut gemacht. Bin sehr gespannt, auf deine Tipps zur Kreissäge

Chris Taylor says:

I have an old time Miter saw similar to what you show……an old carpenter willed it to me upon his death….40 + years ago….still as accurate as ever…

Eric Gustafson says:

M9-Promaster coupon code not valid! I used it on:

8 x 3/4 ProMaster Wood Screws, Black Oxide, Round Washer Head, Combo Drive – QTY:100

Eric Townsley says:

Nice Video, I just subscribed!!

Rob Schramm says:

It looks like I am missing a few things on this list, it looks like I will have to return to the estate sales. The shop looks great by the way.

Don T says:

Agree that those are all good choices, but one I think should be in the top ten is a combination square. I can't remember a day without using one of the three I have at least a few times. 4" one and a 12" one. For what I do, they come before the power planer. But, it all depends on the kind of work one does. For instance, so many people use a power miter saw a lot. I have one, but rarely use it. Anything I could do with it is better done on the table saw. Everyone's workflow is based on the type of work they do. Kudos on coming up with this list.

Oh yeah, and if you go Starette on the combination square, you'll be lucky to come in under $100. LOL.

Peter Compton says:

Well you beat me on the number of Routers Chad. (Just). Now where did I see a bench top router table like that before LOL. Were still waiting for your hand tool list ;D

Kamil 982 says:


Bill K. says:

Thanks Chad. Didn't know that about the quarter sheet sander…

MrBowNaxe says:

Excellent list Chad! I have those tools and agree. One thing I have found out that I drop my speed square way too much and break the "ears" off the fence, so I've switched to a plastic one and it's lasted 4 years so far…I really need to get a small trim router! thanks for sharing and can't wait to see what's next.

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