5 of the good woodworking instruments I've ever owned

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Instruments seen on this video►
Dura-Grit Carbide Sanding Merchandise (Use Coupon Code: STUMPYNUBS): https://duragrit.com/residence.php
Pattern Cleaner: https://amzn.to/2TfvEOI
MasterGage Mini-Magnetic Base: https://amzn.to/2VyS2PH
Nova Voyager DVR Drill Press: https://www.teknatool.com/product/nova-voyager-dvr-drill-press/
Trajan Q700 Noticed: https://www.sawblade.com/order-circular-saws.cfm
Zerust Vapor Capsule: https://amzn.to/2tPcekd

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Sawblade.com: https://www.sawblade.com/
Grasp Gage: http://mastergage.com/
Nova Instruments: https://www.teknatool.com/

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Gary Badger says:

I tried to use your Coupon Code: STUMPYNUBS): and it did not work. I went ahead and placed the order anyway. I thought about it and went back and tried STUMPYNUBS without the "):" and it worked. So those that want the discount use STUMPYNUBS without the "):" at the end.

Sam G says:

You have earned my respect and love. God bless you for all you do

B Templeton says:

YOU SCOUNDREL! After watching the video, I ordered a pair of the Dura-Grit sanding blocks. I got one of them in the mail yesterday. The 80 grit block is on back-order. You have single-handedly caused a run on the 80 grit market.

Rob Gibson says:

A $1700 drill press had better be cool!

inquisition ca says:

OK, I admit I learned something today. Thanks!

Charles River Risk Solutions says:

Thanks for the video and the simple discussion about some good ideas. Loved the chop saw, if you could mention the MSRP’s in the video that would be great.

J DeWitt says:

What? You mean you don't store your router bits in a inert-gas-filled pressure vessel like everyone else?! Amateur!

StupidEarthlings says:

This guy talks so mellow, soothing and relaxed that it almost makes me angry..

Aeneas says:

I love the "Double Entendre". Entertaining and very interesting!

Jay Chapman says:

The link you gave for the Nova drill press says its no longer available.

billybike57 says:

Thanks for the links, as always great video!

David Bishop a.k.a. 1EYE WOODY says:

Great selection

Michael Chase says:

Yes, but can that drill press cook you breakfast? 🤣😂

Mark Allen says:

I just check your Amazon link and is currantly out of stock and dont know if or when it will be in sorry

mnm1067 says:

We used zerust in positive displacement blower cabinets for years. They were great for eliminating rust.

Cliff S says:

With regards the the Zerust how often do they need to be replaced? Is there an indicator to show when replacement is necessary?

RR Haskin says:

that dura-grit sounds great but so pricey. I have a set of sanding blocks I bought about 15 years ago from a hobby shop and they were touted as "lifetime" use. I use them nearly every day and they are still like new. I don't know for certain what they are made of but I think they are diamond as they look just like diamond sharpening stones. I removed one of the sanding pads (they are glued on with some sort of contact cement) for testing and they are capable of sharpening carbide blade teeth so that's why I think they are diamond. They didn't cost a lot as I recall, maybe $5 each, but I don''t remember the brand name.

Felix From Nebraska says:

Thanks, James, I appreciate all of your insight and expertise on these matters.

Ronald Burks says:

Get a 3/8 dowel pin 3 or 4 inches long. They are ground and straight.

Elmer Kreisel says:

Very good and informative. Thanks

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