5 Woodworking Tools Every Man Must Have

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baka baka says:

usless tools

Brent B. Powers says:

When I'm watchin' my TV
and a man comes on to tell me
How white my shirts could be
But he can't be a man 'cause he does not smoke
The same cigarettes as me

Lawrence Barnaby says:

I've never seen a clear easy to-use manual for building a shed as this woodwork plan [Check Details==https://plus.google.com/+LarrySamford/posts/KcgzNKE47JS poshwoodplans,com ]. Hardly would you ever get lost while working with this woodwork plan. It is the best stuff for woodworkers and shed designers.

Seeing Dragons says:

The jaw boss thing is stupid … who wants to lift gigantic logs as a separate operation?

Robert Warwick says:

Bunch of highly specialized plastic junk, and nothing like the 2069 robotic arm picture that magically makes everyone a woodworking magician.

Carlos Viloria says:

The only tool I want after watchin this is that HUGE drawknife 2:28

Albertdog101 says:

load of crap the lot of it

Marcel Freitas says:

I'm so buying a few of these…Thanks guys


I want to look like sub zero at work

Heru- deshet says:

I've made my own version of these and I made them many years ago.

Nico Schlüter says:

2:09 I always like to impale my dimensional lumber before use.

David Brama says:

Clicked for the glove… No glove…

Tom Barry says:

I probably would never use them on site, and maybe just clutter up my shed more than it is 🙂

olguine Maingrette says:

the 314 is a awesome tool the rest of the tools are a waste of money and space

Southern Grace says:

I want the 314 set & match system now please

Jerry Turner says:

Would these be recommended for women woodworkers as well?

I Had A Bad Day says:

As it turns out I don't need any of these.

David Davis says:

I'd say its more tools that certain repeat users need that every man needs.

barbara kvistad says:

👎”…every MAN must have.” ‘Guys’ is acceptable, but “man” is too specific and; therefore, sexist. Do you really think there are no females who could use these tools? If so, you are wrong!
I’m not the kind of woman who gets her panties in a bunch often, but ignorant, sexist crap like this title do force me to educate you.

AlexandeKnight says:

…These seem more like clutter than tools.

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