6 Cool Woodworking Instruments You Ought to Know About!

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Desk Noticed Fundamentals Course: https://www.creativehomeclasses.com/programs/table-saw-basics
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Rob McMahon says:

The pentel pencils are superb. Thankyou 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Brian Dormer says:

Stumpy – just bought a .7 and a .5 (woodpeckers & incra sizes) Pentel 1000 and boy are you right! They are awesome. Have a cold one on me.

James Merideth says:

Enjoyed the video as usual. I do have a couple of comments regarding the saw set up measurement device. First, it appeared that the reading stayed pretty much constant until the gage got to the middle of the blade and then most of the deviation showed up on the back side. Is it possible the blade was a bit warped? Second, it looked like you were using a saw stop saw and I would be very interested in seeing a detailed video of how to make adjustments to the blade alignment and blade tilt stops on this saw. Are you aware of any such videos? I know the manual is very complete, but like many, I’m more of a visual learner.

J T says:

Dont see generic amazon link? am I missing it?

Huw Davies says:

Fantastic tips for tools and a well deserved Oscar

Michael Anderson says:

I've been using the Pentel Graphgear 500 0.5mm for years, didn't know about that retractable point feature of the 1000. Thanks for that, I'll check it out.

Stephen Sheard says:

Have you got an affiliate link to UK Amazon. I spend shit loads with them 😂🇬🇧 Love ur channel and all the best from Manchester

Joe Kano says:

I know I'm getting old and blind but where is the link to Amazon generic as I order and check on tons of stuff from them and I would rather you get some credit ….. love your videos and better yet I have learned a lot over the past year …. cheers

Old Man from Scene Twenty Four says:

That back wall is getting bigger and bigger ….

Collin Hurler says:

Great video, and I'll surely be picking up a few of these tools myself! Just a quick note on proper use of the Roto Tape Compass. You should make sure you're only holding the pin and not the whole body of the tape, like you were at 8:10. Restricting the natural motion of the body changes the point of rotation (and therefore the center of the arc) from the metal pin to the the area of the body where the tape exits. This will throw off your radius as you'll lose a couple inches from what you measured out on the tape. Just best to always focus all your pressure only on the metal point and let everything rotate around it the way it was designed. That being said, this is the first time I have ever heard of that tool, and I love it! Ingenious! Thanks again for all the content you put out; it's immensely helpful and informative.

rmyukon says:

Do you own any hand planes or chisels? Asking for a friend. 🙂

Thomas Lips says:

Did you check the run out of the saw body before you started making adjustments to your saw? You didn't show doing so in the video. If your saw blade has run out you're just wasting your time making adjustments.

Woodworking says:

I never seen so many tools! Nice collection!

Marilyn Shriver says:

super informative content with the occasional goofy humor …. keep up the good work stumpy!

Stan Ervin says:

Rototape ! + 😍

kurzhaarguy says:

Very consistent, quality content. Not to high, not dumbed down. Thanks!

halftrack117 says:

I cannot see your generic amazon link. Where can I find it? I looked on the show more page but cannot see the generic link.

Alan McWilliams says:

Just a suggestion I'm Canadian and most of these do not ship to Canada or the cost is prohibitive. Is it possible for Amazon or others to add Canadian links for your page so that we also could help support you?

Benjamin Boyle says:

I don't appreciate the length of your affiliate link advertisement. By all means ask for support but cut down the length. I didn't come here to listen to commercials.

Michael Perez says:

Your intro on heading to the linked Rockler or Amazon shops was very classy. It’s much appreciated to ask for support with dignity and appreciation. Thanks for the bideo

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