#Wonderful Concepts Designs Woodworking Perfects Tasks And Merchandise Quickest Simple – Instruments Woodworking

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#Wonderful Concepts Designs Woodworking Perfects Tasks And Merchandise Quickest Simple – Instruments Woodworking
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Ca na da boy Ca na da says:

Is blue the only colour you know!?

Michael Cline says:

Please start posting your source material. All of these video clips are from other Youtubers. All you are doing is ripping them off, and layering your obnoxious music on top of it.

vlad borkovskiu says:

А чим це заливають

YO3A007 says:

A lot of wasted resin and wood. A lot of weight. Go 1.25 inches. Frame mold for the edge and pour before top sets. No one crawls under a table to admire the bottom. Save a lot of money in production.

get in says:

Of all the colors in the spectrum, BLUE????? Why not something closely related to wood like amber???? Might look a little less man made. I also loathe the color blue, can you surmise this from my comment?

Christian Brin says:

Beautiful absolutely beautiful nice job very creative !

the tessellater says:

All that beautiful hardwood – and then they go and put plastic in between – horrible!

Shiny umbreon says:

5:12 I think pancakes won't go well there.

Mr1stnutt says:

Beautiful work
Now if only the price of live edge slabs and epoxy resin would come down out of the stratosphere us mere mortals could either make our own or buy one.

Ricopolico says:

You sausage creatures would eat chicken shit if some one told you it was chicken salad;

Nodrodsky says:

Every second guy and his dog are doing this now.

urbantribal1 says:

It's not woodworking, it's just a bunch of fuggin resin projects

ASMRO Entertainment says:

Launch your own profitable wood work business here is how…
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get in says:

BLUE??????? WTF, I wouldn't give you two dead cats for any of these projects.

Carmen Tejada says:

Como se llama ese material liquido q ponen entre la madera

Carmen Tejada says:

Excelente trabajo

ṖauḶee ḂlueṢtreet says:

PLEASE …..turn off that damn nauseating electronic noise in this clip!
It literally RUINED this whole video! SMH

Olagonin Chancer says:

Resin tables are not "woodworking". Besides being "done" and boring, very little skill is involved making most river tables.

Сергей Петров says:

Than you fill? We use epoxy resin. But such a thick layer of it can not be poured, boils.

Сергей Петров says:

What a beautiful tree you have, I'm just jealous!

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