Are your woodworking tools TOO SHARP? (How to use just one stone)

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Trend 300/1000 diamond stone:
Stropping leather:
Stropping paste:


Joel Boehm says:

Your wood working bench is Sjöbergs…. Sweden rocks!

Thank you for great tips!


Jb B says:

Another great video Stumpy!  KISS works most of the time!

Russell Mayer says:

I am 100% powertools, looking to get chisels and handplanes. Until now, based on Jame's reviews/videos, I was going to buy a worksharp 3000 (I want easy sharpening not perfect sharpening). Is there any value in still getting it? I know I need to flatten the back of the chisels, etc. Thanks in advance.

Bob Clifton says:

There's no such thing as too sharp (except for the clutz who is a danger to himself). There is however such a thing as sharp enough and that's what I think you're talking about here. And, of course, there is such a thing as not sharp enough. Most hand tool injuries occur from tools that aren't sharp enough. That said, I don't have a drawer full of stones.

WB Fine Woodworking says:

We’re well done and good advise. Thanks.

Gravel Creek Farms says:

Right on brother✊

James Neylon says:

I have been a cabinetmaker for 15yrs, I agree with you completely.

Marc Engall says:

Great wisdom Stumps !
Working as a finish carpenter for thirty odd years ,this is exactly how I was taught on a double sided “India “oil stone , 200/400 . Now I use the same diamond stone as you have there with no messy oil and no figure of 8 , worrying about an uneven stone

Simon Hopkins says:

I agree with everything you said…. But no I'm not giving up my tormek. ; – )

Paul Hasser says:

You are NOT a moron!!

Robert Brennan says:

Great Info. as Always, Thank You!

The Whistler's Wood Shop says:

Thanks for the advice, James. I used your link to purchase a similar 600/1000 stone on Amazon.

Ken Paschall says:

I grew up using an Arkansas wet stone (2 sided) and it was always enough. Glad to see someone finally talking sense when it comes to sharpening needs. Although Ouachita is actually pronounced “Wichita” there is some great info here. One stone and a strap is all I use and I don’t have to take all day to sharpen. If something is badly damaged, a little strip of emory cloth glued to a ceramic floor tile works wonders to get it ready for sharpening on the stone.

robert retka says:

Woodworking is engaging the wood, not spending much time to prepare the tool. If you are in business , time is money.

Matthew Potter says:

I love working with wood, for many reasons, but I don't make a living by doing it. It has been my observation that woodworking videos tend to the more complicated side, somehow making it seem that more complication is better. Same with sharpening. I watched a video of a woodworker I really like as he sharpened his tools using 4 or 5 different stones, with various amounts of set-up and maintenance. Too much. Made me want to either send out my tools for sharpening, or just buy cheap ones and toss them out when they get dull. I don't have time for hours of honing. Thank you for simplifying this mysterious procedure, making it easy for even a guy like me to understand.

Hardnox says:

AMEN!!!!! Finally some common sense sharpening advice. Well stated. I keep my strop handy all the time.

Dave Likes Bike says:

Well said Sir! Thanks for the great videos.

Dewey Graves Jr. says:

Thanks for clearing that up ! Nice video

Dingoart says:

There are woodworkers that actually make things and those that that just own tools and endlessly organize them and sharpen them. Good practical advice for those that work in wood to get things done.

Gary Barchas says:

Thank you, thank you! I've been telling newbies this for YEARS. and you're right about the diehards. In the real world if you want that incredible edge you have to strop every 3 or 4 cuts! Not happening in my life. The Japanese with their incredibly accurate joining make one or two cuts and strop. That was for Emperors.

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