Superior DIY Woodworking Instruments

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Make Stuff with Little Devil says:

Please share this video with your friends 😊

Sandra Veiga says:

I have a screwdriver just the same, I played a game with her too, but this idea is much cooler if you do not mind I'll do the same for me. Thanks for sharing (I'm using the Google translator)

alex anônimo says:

Gostei vou fazer em casa

eXtro says:

What kind of power did u used?

Aleksei Klimovich says:

Полная дешёвая хрень,причём малооборотная и слабомощная!.

Rajko Micke says:

Nice job 👏

Antonio O. J says:

muito bom abraços valeu

Ján Balga says:

Great ideas !

Davo gifman says:

Explanations might be pretty cool!?!? js

Tim Max says:

GREAT, Now use it to make a table saw lathe and for that the drill doesn't have to be powerful so it would be perfect, since that little drill motor is underpowered for most of those things
As a table saw lathe the table saw does the powered cutting and the drill just spins the workpiece!
Great job!

SidhuDa STTI says:

Awesome creation.
Thanks, sir,
you've created a great vid.
wish u success. #sidhudastti


hey good idea 🙂

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