Important Energy Instruments for Starting Woodworkers | Woodworking Fundamentals

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If you’re simply beginning out in woodworking, congratulations! You might be embarking on a significant and productive pastime. I wish to guarantee you that it does not have to interrupt the financial institution to get began. Listed here are my suggestions for the ability instruments you will have to get began. BTW, do you know you possibly can arrange store for lower than $1000? Obtain my FREE GUIDE ►►



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John Douglas says:

table saw being the most expensive. I'm scouring the used and second hand sites for local deals hopefully popping up.
I've also bought a welder and need to get steel relate stuff too. ow my wallet!

Mike Curtin says:

All good tips, I especially appreciate the one about random orbital sanders. I've not played with them before, and this will be very helpful in the near future.

Timothy Fahlen says:

Hey Steve, I want to send a quick thanks. I just built a king size bed frame out of African mahogany and your videos were my primary teacher. Your pocket hole video, gluing and sanding vids, and general tips sprinkled throughout all your projects have been invaluable. Thank you SO much!!

7777chiquita says:

Thank you. Very helpful. I do a miter saw and a sander but I’m looking into buying a nail/brad gun Craftsman brand from an Estate sale . I’m waiting for them to charge the battery so I can test it. They also have a table saw and i will look into it as well. I love doing crafts on wood and love power tools.

Pyro_Chip says:

Your the best!


Nice video! Hope the tools work with auto volt outlet ! In I did we use 230 volt AC outlets! Any advise pl let know. Thanks.

smokingcheeba420 says:

Drill, multi tool, miter box

Sosueet says:

At least two of the links on your shopping list came back as discontinued (The table saw and the drilling /driving multipack) I did not check the bottom part of the list.

JusBidniss says:

5:04 You said a mouthful there, brother! Best tip in the whole video, for my money. My first table saw was a Craftsman contractor saw, and instead of the upside-down-T slots, or the slots with tabs on the edges, this one had slots shaped like an upside-down-U. As if they took a 5/8" wide by 3/8" deep slot, and filled the bottom of the slot with a 3/16" tall hump that ran down the middle along its length. This was great for the U-shaped steel runner that came on the miter gauge, but was the worst for trying to cut your own hardwood runners. To miss the top of that hump, a runner couldn't be more than 1/8" or so thick, which by not having enough 'meat' to it, allowed it to swell and rub in humid weather, jump out of the slot, etc. My best workaround (until I found some of that same steel stock as the miter gauge had) ended up being to run dadoes down the underneath side of my sled, and embed a 5/8" wide by 3/4" thick runner in that, then run a 7/16" wide dado down the middle of the runner. The extra thickness of the runner, plus the fact that it was embedded in the sled, made it more stable for humidity changes, but you had to watch that the thin bottom sides of the runners didn't break off when storing it. I vowed to never buy another table saw unless it had the full standard 3/4" wide by 3/8" deep miter slots!

Cicero Monteiro says:

you don't need a miter saw, you really don't

Gordon Chapman says:

Some great advice there Steve, thanks. I especially liked that as an example for a good table saw you presented a jobsite table saw. I am planning my shop at the moment in a single car garage, my budget is not massive and space is at a premium. A good quality jobsite table saw with a bench built around it will be ideal. Do you agree when me that a high quality jobsite table saw these days with the technology as it is, are every bit as good as there big brother counterparts accuracy wise, if a little smaller ?

Caleb Short says:

Check out wood by Wright for hand tool only woodworking.

DIY Gene says:

This is a great video for getting the basics. Good job and keep up the great work.

David Kirtley says:

Even if you are a full power tool shop, you want at least a block plane, a handsaw, and a couple chisels. Just like if you are going full neanderthal, a bandsaw behind the curtain is a good friend to have.

C Reab says:

Steve, I downloaded your guide to set up shop and noticed that the table saw you recommend is no longer being made. Is there a specific one that you would recommend or just follow some basic guidelines such as those mentioned in the video. Thanks!

Chris Am says:

What about the router?

Michael says:

Hi Steve, on your list, you suggest a job site table saw. This would be my preference because of size and cost, but other sources have advised against. Any other thoughts so I feel confident to get a job site saw?

jblopez16 says:

Essential jigs for next video!

FOMI1970 says:

You can never have too many clamps and you can never have enough workshop space … if not , then I guess you have to piss with d…. you have.

Orxenhorf says:

If you want to keep the tool for life, get a power cord. The battery WILL die and the manufacturer WILL stop making replacements.

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