Flatten Extensive Boards with 2 Sticks, String, & 1 Easy Instrument- Woodworking DIY Ideas

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Chad Stanton offers woodworking suggestions of how you can flatten huge boards with 2 sticks, some string, and 1 easy software. No costly jointer or massive floor planer required for this simple technique.

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WB Fine Woodworking says:

Another outstanding video Chad. I like your method for flattening the slab. Those winding sticks look great. I’ve seen many different designs for them but yours look much simpler to make than many. I’m looking forward to seeing the video and making a set for my shop.

I hope your shop is shaping up the way you’d like.

Peter Compton says:

I never thought about the string check, so that is a lesson learnt for me. I Attack with a full troop of Calvary… I have a router sled and a pretty heavy duty planning bit 😀 But boy does it make a mess Thanks Chad.

tomblanco2001 says:

For winding sticks I use two aluminum carpenter levels, one is yellow and the other is red. I put the shorter one closer to me. It works. You didn't mention it in the video but I see that by raising the top corner of your winding stick you can measure the amount of twist in a board, which I cannot easily do with two levels. Nice design.

Stylo Santhes says:

Before flattening any large board, square it first to the size you wanted

tlfort says:

How can you trust yourself in the shop without Safety Dan?

Jeff Burton says:

Good points, Chad.

Ken Haygarth says:

Must be honest I ended up totally confused with this one. Opposite corners are always high on my twisted boards. Thanks for the. video

Adam Wilson says:

Great explanation. Nice to see a way other than router sled or a $5,000 jointer

Rick Reed says:

Opposite corners will both appear high, not one corner high and the opposite corner low.
Ends on the same side of the board will have the ambiguity, as for as which is low or high.

Peter Fitzpatrick says:

I drag my warped boards behind my van for 5 miles down the M50 motorway.. works a treat !! 😂
Failing that I use my router sled, not nearly as much fun 😞
Nice vid Chad, winding sticks are kinda like levels… the more ya use 'em the better ya get at the finer points of 'em !


Dylan T says:

nice sticks chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

Bill Holt says:

I think you're confused on the difference between a cup and a bow.

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