How To Make A Jewellery Field | Woodworking How-to

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On this video I take an previous TV stand a shopper despatched again to me, and switch it into a fantastic jewellery field for my girlfriends 30th birthday. I exploit Wenge wooden , which is terrible, and white oak to make the hand lower half blind dovetail drawers. I exploit a router to make all of the slides, and I take a hunk of strong brass and use fundamental woodworking instruments to make customized drawer pulls.
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StudioJLT says:

You killed it – well made!

Ethan Carter says:

Unbelievably nice, John!  Those brass pulls really make the piece!

Way Woodworking says:

As soon as I saw you as a metal worker you put on a sweet spin move into a woodworker… Jimmy Diresta 2.0! This box turned out amazing!

jimgam730 says:

First a jewelry box, next a ring. Hint, Hint, Wink, Wink. Can I be the best man??? lol

Blake Weber says:

Flockin’ beautiful work! Love the handmade brass pulls.

Francesco Zampieri says:

Now you have to buy things to fill it!

Fix This Build That says:

Her ring will look good in that box 🙂

Glastenbury Designs Woodshop says:

Really great build, I've never actually watched anyone do the flocking before.

Mike Thompson says:

First you tell her age, then you finally make her the personalized jewelry box she wanted, so you make it out of scrap lumber. Oh my, you have chosen the hard path my friend. Lol, the box turned out beautiful.

Christine Cahill says:

Hey john, funny thing is i just picked uo a piece of 4 quarter wenge. 5" wide by 6' long. Cost me $98… i wasnt in the market for any. The piece caught my eye and automatically like 5 ideas popped into my head so i took it. So yeah, you're right saying it's expensive. And that piece you made had alot. I deal with just designers. No clients, and when they mess up its on them so they can watch there commission go bye bye!! Not my problem. You kinda have to be like that though. Especially in new york. Someone has to pay for my time and materials. I don't eat any of that unless it's from my own doing. Which has happened a time or two….lol great job on the box & congratulations with your lady.

topper009 says:

Stop being a millenial and get married already

Adam Rich says:

Nice job man! Congrats on the engagement as well

drinc21 says:

Looks awesome brother, what is that powder you put on it make it look like it was covered in velvet ?

Peter O'Connell says:

Nice work buddy. Lovely reaction too, there's no greater feeling than your work truly appreciated by a loved one.

Jon Wills says:

Beautiful jewelry box and congrats on the engagement! 👊🏻

Cocka Mamy says:

"Hey sweety, how come all my jewelry is coated with black dust…?" Just kidding. Looks great, man!

CR Bulldog says:

SWEET BUILD!!! Way to go on repurposing something. I noticed you were holding the pieces you were routing the rabett joint on the bit for a long time. Does that species resist burning?

Mike Tatman says:

Who are the 4 sorry souls that disliked this video. That box came out amazing. Thanks for all the kick ass content John. Love the channel!!

Clyde Decker says:

So hard to watch so much wenge made into scraps … but it was a nice box…

Yusuf Masron says:

nice work John

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