The right way to Make a Sliding Dovetail Utilizing Conventional Chinese language Woodworking Instruments DEMO 24b

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I present you easy methods to make a standard sliding dovetail utilizing conventional Chinese language woodworking instruments.

In DEMO 24a I present you easy methods to format the pin /slotted aspect of the sliding dovetail. (

The right way to make 7 conventional Chinese language woodworking Instruments:
1. Chinese language hand aircraft 刨子 (
2. Chinese language body noticed 锯 (
three. Chinese language dovetail Aircraft 燕尾刨 (
four. Chinese language Knife Noticed 刀锯 (
5. Chinese language chopping gauge 勒刀子 (
6. Chinese language bevel gauge?
7. Chinese language marking/mortise gauge?

Please take pleasure in,

John Z Zhu


Аleksey Bek says:

Very interesting hand tools!

Carlo Pieracci says:

Many thanks for this video, beautiful as usual

John Zhu says:

Good morning everyone, released a day early because it's cold. So hopefully this sliding dovetail video motivates you to go into the shop and workup a sweat. The layout for this sliding dovetail is located in DEMO 24a on my channel (link in description). I am using primarily Chinese tools for this demonstration; links to how to make these tools yourself is also in the description. Enjoy.

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