How you can make DIY wooded software chests, Summers Woodworking 2×4 Problem 2016

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That is my entry in to Summers Woodworking 2×4 Problem 2016.

You may ever have sufficient storage or organisation within the workshop so i’ve made these software crates. Each is constituted of a single 2X4.

The instruments and digital camera I used on this challenge are :-

Erbauer mitre noticed

Scheppach HS105 desk noticed

Bosch PEX 400 AE Sander

Nikon D3200 digital camera

Sigma 50mm 1.four lanse


Jay wright says:

Matt, what is the brand of the stain you've used? It looks beautiful.

Bill Rolfe says:

Great video thanks for sharing.

Ether 84 says:

Great work on them the finish is nice 😊👍👍

Garviel Loken says:

Brilliant! as always

Thomas Babcock says:

Love the brackets

ManoMano UK says:

Absolutely fantastic workmanship Matt! Really beautiful chests 😍

Robert Brunston says:

Very good! Thank you.

Stuart Wass says:

That stain and chrome bits worked a treat !!

Making it ‘Out Of The Woods’ says:

Love these boxes. I’ve got some plastic ones – time for an upgrade – mmm – love the corner braces!! Nice build, Matt 🌲🦊🌲

Edgewood Outdoors says:

Very nice! Lots to learn here!

Scott Turner says:

Hi Matt, I like the simple effectiveness of the too boxes. Hope you have got your nailer back, it's been over a year 😉

Rookie DIY says:

Great, inexpensive idea I can't wait to try.  Just got a band saw and this will be a project I use with that.  Is there an indexing method used to get them to stack neatly on top of each other?

Dul Suas Ort Fein says:

Well done ! This is a worthwhile project, very clever using inexpensive materials. Well explained and demonstrated. I would like to see more of this type of work& unusual projects!!! ……………….my only complaint is that you didn't show much of the final outcome… the completed project itself. This video ended so suddenly…….. it just left me feeling cheated! ….it was like been taken into a sweet shop and told you can't have anything ! 🤓

Hamish Ferguson says:

its a bodge using glue and nails, you have as much skill as a chopsaw chippy

J Colby Spell says:

You guys have better two by fours

Workshop on Wheels says:

I like the chest. I guess I will inspire my toolbox around this design style, the wood with the hardware. But it is a pain in the arse to find those hardware in Belgium, since I don't know the proper Dutch words, and the employees in the DIY-stores are mostly not involved and will send you from corner to corner of the store, so that it wouldn't make a difference for asking them. But I do need a toolbox, and I want a nice one, one that may be seen, just like yours. Great video!

Remington Mcneese says:

im sure you'll build it yourself. I made it 2 weeks ago thanks to woodprix website.

AllesohneKabel says:

Very nice, 👍

Mitch Deitrich says:

Wow man! This is sweet nice work. Old planes are cool, I have never used one but like looking at them 🙂

Lyda Shop says:

Really liked how you use this challenge to make some thing for your shop

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