Odds & Ends 101: Viewer Mail, Store Enhancements, New Instruments

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On this Odds and Ends episode we’ll go over new viewer mail that has come into the store over the previous few weeks together with a number of books, horizontal milling machine cutters, and a broach adapter. I additionally acquired a number of new indicators again from M. R. Device Restore. I’ll discuss some store enhancements together with a Stanley Vidmar cupboard that’s getting used to retailer milling machine tooling, and a brand new bench space for lathe tooling. I additionally picked up a Common Desk for my Carlton Radial Drill that can be an upcoming restoration venture. Lastly, I’ll discuss two anvils that I not too long ago moved into the store together with my nice grandfathers 77 lb anvil and an enormous 400 lb Fisher and Norris anvil.

Take a look at the Nashville Steam Preservation Society web page the place they discuss restoring the No. 576: http://www.nashvillesteam.org/

Additionally take a look at the video on making a brand new Broach Adapter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5MpW-x0bVI&t=3s

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John Hasty says:

Spent 10 years in thomaston GA, 2 in Macon, 2 in ellijay, 3 in savannah, and a series of months in about 5 or 6 more places. Good country!

treverrin says:

Happy New from Cornwall UK.

Bob Robert says:

i was going to suggest a collaboration video with alec steel he is getting a new lathe (to him) but after looking a a map you are about 2000miles away. you should see what the transporter did to the first one … gut wrenching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh1YRm6n_BY if you only want to see the horror skip to 7min and 16sec. would be great if you help him set it up, the new one because that one seem to be heading for either a major rebuild or for parts. he is not a machinist but he does try to learn has much has he can, that why i thought of you helping him set it up so he could do the best he can without fighting against is machines .

Karl Sachsenheimer says:

I know a guy up here in Sylva North Carolina that took a machine shop apart years ago and packed some seriously heavy duty equipment into his shop building. I bet he would be willing to sell some of that. Want me to ask him?


Enjoyed Keith!
ATB, Robin

James Dedmon says:

Enjoyed the video, I remember the turret lathes well, my 1st shop job we had 3 turret lathes, 2 Gisholts and 1 Warner Swazy. One of the Gisholts was bar feed and the other on was lots bigger, Iā€™m thinking it ha a 12ā€ chuck, I did run the W/S it a bit smaller with a 10ā€ chuck. The bad part that was 44 years ago and I had hair then. Happy New Year

Dana Nelson says:

Glad you have those cabinets. You don't have it if you can't find it. What is it about those external combustion engines? I like what Dave Richards has done. Thanks for the videos Keith.

ELSDP-45 says:

THANK YOU…for sharing.

stefantrethan says:

Does it not give you sleepless nights knowing some of the cutters might just touch on the cutting edges? šŸ˜‰

Howie Z says:

Looks like you got a Quincy pump for your air compressor. Those old Quincy's make some real air.

seephor says:

I got anvil envy from your video.

weshowe says:

Forgive me Keith.. around 32:00 you put the new 576 hat on. It still has the tag on it, and all I could think about was Minnie Pearl. Lotta nice stuff this week, keep it up!

Tony De Leo says:

Hi Keith, Happy New Year.
I have recently purchased a vintage full size Bruning parallel arm "elbow" drafting machine. I cannot find any info on it, its maintenance or calibration. I figure that you might have a source for such info. There is no model number on it but the serial number is 71518543.

Port Townsend, WA

Solid Rock Machine Shop Inc. says:

Hi Keith,
We use the same style cabinets at my full time job. I love those things.

John Henderson says:

What's the story about the locomotive cutout on the wall?
I've (somewhat inadvertently) started a collection of Millers Falls braces, and referred to the catalogs on Vintage Machinery to help date them. Hopefully, that new catalog will fill in a gap.

George Swindoll says:

Happy new year to everyone!!!

Adam Bryant says:

The curse of the Horizontal surface!

Adam Bryant says:

OCD warning,
The wooden box need to go in the corner because its bigger than the others!

Adam Bryant says:

Wow, didn't know Starrett was so old.

The Workshop Mechanic Channel says:

Happy New Year from Australia šŸ™‚

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