High 10 Important Woodworking Instruments | DIY Woodworking Instruments

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Trying to step up your woodworking or are you a newbie woodworker? Listed below are the High 10 Important 2019 Woodworking Instruments on your DIY woodworking

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Mark Harris says:

Because my workshop is tiny, my router table, drill press and bandsaw are all DIY bench top models, but for what I do they are big and good enough. Though after the 5th March I think I might be building a new router table 😉. I'm dropping hints to my wife about a small lather for my birthday, I only have 5 months to work on it.

I put my bench and vices as my number one on your Tools For Under $100 dollars video, because of my disabilities I'm limited as to what size I can build to and even though mine is only 4ft x2ft a bench is beyond me unfortunately. Hence I had to buy both my woodwork one and my general one.

Braumeister says:

What are the aluminum? fences on your Milwaukee miter saw? Never seen any like this?

B Templeton says:

Thanks for sharing your list. The title was more broad than your focus. Except for the workbench and vacuum, you listed big stationary power tools. It would be interesting to see your list of hand tools and list of portable power tools.

Franks DIY says:

Love the bench

Pavel Sadowsky says:

Voice is on left channel only

Walter Riggs says:

Can’t wait for the bench build!

Gerardo Rivera says:

Hi Chad, I think you forgot to include the tape measurer and the square

Tony Lenge says:

Good list but due to money and space not practical for most. Look forward to the alternate list. I think most will have a mix of the two lists. Thanks

SgtBooker44 says:

Essential Tool #11, Sound System, no tunes, no dancin.

Carroll Nystrom says:

Looking forward to your videos! Always informative and creative! Thanks, Chad!

Marilyn Hoon says:

Looking forward to the inexpensive options. Any chance for a video on tools for very very small shops?

Dennis Rochon says:

Hon, can I buy a lathe?
Chad says I need one.

Peter Compton says:

HA.. I second guessed you.. Because you have been talking about the bench for a few weeks, I thought it would be No#1. Yes, I used most of those tools on every project I make. But I also have the hand tool equivalent which I use for the pure enjoyment. Have you done a hand tool list? I can't remember if you have

Frank Henson says:

Good simple video, Chad. Clear, concise (no waste), and interesting. A couple of observations:

Man, I wish I had two table saws, each dedicated to different functions.

That lathe is awesome.

I was surprised by the planer, and especially, the jointer. IMHO, Delta planers have lower tier performance, and the jointer bed on the Rigid is too short for me.

I didn’t see any dust collection outside of the shop vac — did I miss that?

…I love the direction you’re moving in. You’re a good teacher and You always deliver a combination of clear instruction, explanation, and sharing of experience. Brother, your inlaid dovetail video is one of my favorites. And lastly, I admire your work ethic — one can see that you are a hard worker and that you’re committed. Thanks for the effort, man. Greatly appreciated! Keep up the good work!

dscrive says:

with straight blade planers and jointers you can run boards through at a slight angle, that can help with difficult grain. only issue is most small planers and jointers don't really have the capacity to do that with anything but small pieces.

Tom Pritchard says:

Great list…Compressor with brand nailer is something that consider one of my most used tools.

Monte Glover says:

Skip the jointer, you can achieve a glue line rip with a very good table saw blades. I prefer a radial arm saw if you have the space. RAS can be found used fairly reasonably occasionally they require setup and calibration, mine is but that is after 2 moves and 20+ yesrs.

Bobby Stacy says:

Pretty inline with you in this one, Chad. Can’t wait for the bench video tho. That’s one thing I need to update of all the others.

Raider Nation says:

Thanks for the output ,, i need about half of those , tho

Lester Grayson says:

I have everything but the lathe and everything I had I'm about the third owner of but it all works

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