Classic Woodworking Hand Instruments | Barn Beam Auger, Timber Body, Mortise, Tenon

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As soon as once more, thanks to a beneficiant subscriber who gave me a wooden auger and a barn beam auger for my upcoming timber body workshop construct later this summer season.

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Apeman Path Digicam –
Mora Knife –
Agawa Canyon Boreal 21 Noticed –
Axe –
Moka Pot – Canada USA
Virtus Knife-
Canon 6D –
DJI Mavic Professional –
Photo voltaic LED gentle bulb 15W –
Copper Fairy lights –
Photo voltaic String Lights –
Lodge Dutch Oven –
Bragg’s Sprinkle –


Atholl McNicoll says:

Its good to see old tools still in working process and show to me people care for you Shawn, plus by you having them, it clears out space they might need for newer projects?

Clifford Fender says:

make the tennon, make the socket, then drill a cross hole with your fancy machine there and drive the wooden peg through.

Gail Stone says:

Love your stuff, and i sure do miss the vids with you doing things and sometimes talking rather than only talking about them. You are a man of wisdom. So you know.

steve king says:

you know what i nearly sent you one! in the uk it is known as a boring machine, what you could probably do with is an offset pricker, that marks the pegging hole in the tenon after you drill the peg hole so you can draw peg the joint (puts pressure on the mortice and tenon) when you peg it. available from windysmithy website if you are interested (uk site).

Robin R. says:

The hand tools are such a wonder. I imagine how many hands have worked tirelessly with them before the people of today. Guess my appreciation for such things may seem silly to some. I don't care. Still love to imagine such things. Thanks Shawn.

Dragan Savic says:

❤👍 Serbia

Augusto Mietto says:

hello shawn WE do not like to depend on other people .. so it's great to have … tools … we can do just about everything … important to our life

Allen Thomas says:

Thanks for the show..cowboy..

Diesel Prime says:

Shawn I think it's great to have lofty goals for yourself but all the things that you have mentioned in the last couple weeks that you want to have built by the end of the year is crazy. Slow down brother! Maybe try to prioritize your projects and then concentrate on one at a time. Don't worry about the time frame. Everything will work out ok! Stress is your blood pressure problem. Slow down and smell the roses. I love your channel. I have been here since the beginning and with God's help I will be here to the end. Take care. Larry

Tom V says:

Thanks for the video Shawn. Awesome old tools
Check out YouTube "wranglerstar – timberframing"
For some videos to research. I enjoyed them

Norma Benavidez says:

Awesome. I like the fact that this hand tools are convenient and accessible in your everyday life. My hats off to gentleman that sent them to you. You are literally giving back to : actually the World. 🙂

Kaylynn Strain says:

those are awesome looking vintage tools !!!!!

BWC ok says:

Need to make you a log sled for your snowmobile.

Eileen Allemm says:

Great video YouTube channel is Pure living for Life, Jesse and Alyssa built a timber frame house themselves in Idaho.A lot of information on timber framing plus it's enjoyable to watch.

Terri Minter says:

Great video! Shawn I have a question for ya… your cabin looks small when you video from the inside but looking at it from the the sky overhead it looks really big. Can you please let me know what the actual size of your cabin is? P.S. Love watching you cook; are you cooking up anything good soon? (From the Land of OZ here in Kansas) Terri

Moonrise361 says:

Nice tools. Nice work you do. But just wondering though, why would you not choose to work with electrical tools? Like an electrical saw when you cut trees or electrical drill to make holes or remove screws, etc. With those manual tools, you need to work much harder when you could do it faster and with less effort with the electrical way. After all, when you have a lot of work or big jobs to do, you might like to save some time or unnecessary effort ..?

macnuth says:

Beam auger or ship auger machine. Purchased mine last Summer for $100 USD. Mine can angle drill, I need to restore it to full working order, but I am glad I got it.

steve says:

go to Pure life for living another great youtube channel. thank for a good video

Teri Homer says:

I also love to do timber frame work and have a couple books on the different types of joints and applications. They take you through the layout processes so anyone who is experienced with using hand tools should be able to accomplish each type. Your experience and drive should be a no brainer. The one book also has illustrations on small building projects that would make a great work shop. I am going to be watching to your progress.

Matthew Zuck says:

It can also just be for a round dowel keep it simple. I enjoy both channels

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