Woodworking Instruments // How To Make Kitchen Cupboard Doorways Extraordinarily Easy

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Woodworking Instruments // How To Make Kitchen Cupboard Doorways Extraordinarily Easy
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flip flops lover says:

Working barefeet is the secret to such great job! workers are happier working barefoot!

Christian Crusader says:

Harbor freight's new cabinet department

Christian Crusader says:

Not exactly Festool and Woodpeckers

Christian Crusader says:

That blade is WAY too high

Don Dgonson says:

Могли бы и фрезы поточить

robslifting4life says:

Garbage assembly.

Entah Hendrayana says:

Working and smoking, with no safety, Indonesians style

TechFive says:

Forgot my shoes boss

Parme Sane says:

My workers comp is 12000 a year, do you think they would be ok with bare feet?

Parme Sane says:

Simple and no need for shoes???????

Mike ES says:

whats the stuff in the bottle?

Moises Velasco says:

pinche patron tan culero que tienen no seas cabron ojete ponles un banco a tus trabajadores y pagales su sueldo andan descalsos los probes eres de esos pinches patrones culeros chillones

Adam Christy says:

If you could afford the equipment that is.

Ernes factory says:


el argentino says:

Hola que Buenos trabajos que hacen causa admiración realmente. .me da curiosidad el pegamento que usan en las uniones de madera, es cianocrilato? Saludos.

Panjul Panjul says:

What is khicen set…?by :ina

Игорь Терских says:

Ебаные ускоглазые.
В таких условиях делают такую красоту

Vl Sang says:

K nhầm xưởng bác ở hải dương bác cho hỏi tủ bếp vậy làm sâu bao nhiêu thì lắp phụ kiện hợp lí

Fahd Salim says:


Tioga Fretworks says:

No guards, no safety gear, no shoes, no dust extraction- and this guy is prob. earning $1.50/hr if he’s lucky. What Asian hell-hole are US Mnfct trying to compete with this time?

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