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BRAIN TIME ► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2


Vevi etDevi says:

Title of the song from 5:43?

Dr-Awesome says:

Nic3 vid, i personaly hate trees. I have always been deathly scared of them.

Zachary Easton says:

I just want to know what this song is in the video!!!!!!

Robin Williams says:

Great machines, great speed at all types of destruction and deforestation (causing significant job loss), but where are the machines that show the ease and speed of replanting young trees for the future of the planet and the people and perhaps creating new jobs for ones lost? I like technology but often find I have mixed emotions, mainly because I'd the price to live

Nathan Morrell says:

What's the intro song?

Mike Peterson says:

I really enjoyed that the jhon dere one was really good but they all was very good

Sam G says:

They have to destroy all these killer machines!!!

SweetBabyJames78 says:

0:25 Femhundra spänn på att det är en svensk skog (I bet U 500 that it's a forest in Sweden)

stickloaf says:

it should be noted that im having hot salsa with my chips tonight…its also worth mentioning i made soup

Mind Data Intelligence says:

I will be a lot more Handy if I have these tools. oh wait..

Diego says:

Those shots of a large area deforested is concerning to say the least

MAYTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! says:

Look at the virus work, destroying the habitat.

Ryan Michael says:

anyone else catch the secureteam intro song peppered in there?

games. com says:

Your mind is my werehouse.

Mrunal Gaonkar says:

Against deforestation 👎

Chaoswarden says:

Who else want more gadget videos that you can buy

Jamie Read says:

I’m the 4th comment

isaac collao garcia says:

hello soy isaac

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