Woodworking Workbench for a Small Workshop

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//HomegrownFurniture.com – This mini workbench is a handy woodworking project that can help keep you organized while you’re working in the shop. The design includes a pegboard skirt that lets you hang your most-used tools right on the bench. So, no more hunting around the shop for gear in the middle of a build. Today I’ll cover the design and construction of the bench.


Walter Ochoa says:

Would have been nice to see a bit more of it in action with the proportions / space it takes on the floor, there is only one quick shot of it on the floor but no walk around etc. Still tho, a neat little bench.

goombadabing says:

I usually don't write comments but I'm a long time fan and I would purchase plans for this build. Great video and I like your design. Thank you.

Raphael Foscarini says:

you did not sayed the total height, width and length

AZ Mobile Detail Kingz N Reviews says:

That's amazing. Hey I would like to invite you and everyone to watch my latest build of a work bench I made of left over 2×2 deck spindles //youtu.be/lMLfzOxD1uY very beautiful build watch till the ending to see reveal. Thanks god bless and don’t forget support our troops hoorah!!

Dor shem-tov says:

awsome sauce with chocolate chips, my work area (wouldnt call it a workshop) is probably 1/8th the size of your workshop i really like you design

Things That Go says:

I would also like plans for this project, please.

Rob Pearce says:

what are you doing for dust collection on that table saw ? Seems to be putting out a lot more dust than most other people's ive seen.

mishmash says:

I wouldn't mind plans.

ksp1278 says:

Shop vacs go missing? Maybe in a large workshop but I don't see how you could lose it in a small one. Workbench looks great though.

Frank Thornal says:

I would definitely like plans for this project. Very nice to have in a large shop. Its roll-around mobility is a definite plus. Thanks for the video.

Robs Woodshop says:

Nice shop project, thanks.

CHFD46 says:

I would like plans for this bench

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