Adjustable Top Workbench Design w/ Inbuilt Cell Base

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I wish to present you my Adjustable Top Workbench. It’s EASY to make use of and it has a inbuilt cell base. Plans can be found on my web site:
I’d love to listen to your ideas on my workbench design!


Robert Evans says:

Like it no,love it yes…👍

MrGrunthunter's Adventures says:

Great looking bench and great engineering.
1.) What do you estimate the total material cost to be?
2.) About how long do you estimate to fabricate it?
3.) Can it be completely constructed by one person?

Jonathan Schwartz says:

Beautiful Bench, love it!

Slow and Expensive says:

Hey Charlie, This bench design of yours is fantastic! 👍


Good video.

Daniel Syverstad says:

Now your channel name makes sense. Long time subscriber but I just now saw this video/bench/plans. Awesome, might just build it!

John Albrecht says:

I have been trying to watch videos of people with adjustable benches and come up with my own design
But I think you have covered everything I was looking to add .
Nice job
Now I have to decide if I’m going to be creative and build it by site or if I’m gonna buy your plans

Imbrica Špiček says:

…nice, nice, but… if you are building workbench for yourself then there is no point to make it adjustable! a lot of effort for nothing..

Kevin Czarnecki says:

Love the bench! Shows what a little woodworking combined with engineering can do! What are the length and width of the bench in the plans?

ToolMetrix says:

That is the coolest bench on the planet, Charlie!

Know What Mom Knows says:

I LOVED Your demonstration Charles 😉 Fantastic Job explaining and showing off your Jack Bench 😉
Shelly Cole
aka "MOM"M;-)

Adam Quincey says:

That’s an awesome bench…!!

jp woodwork says:

Incredible Charlie!! You are the man!!!

CrazyRussianWoodShop says:

Always loved your bench Charlie!

Wood Tools Workshop says:

This is really great. I can see applications beyond the workbench. Like, an outfeed table.

Franks DIY says:

That is an amazing workbench. how much time did you put into this. I'm sure it did not come together the way you wanted the first time lol. Great stuff.

Rag Tie says:

You are an amazingly gifted Maker, Craftsman & designer Charlie. This work bench is by far one of the best design ideas & builds I've ever seen. Your various talents in the diverse categories is truly appreciated.

Chuck Hart says:

Charlie you have no idea how your bench impacts me. I am currently in a power wheelchair and that would help me raise the bench for my chair. Now I have to figure out how to get my chair under the bench to work. It would then work as a bench for me when I get out of this chair (some day soon) If you have an idea about adapting it to use with a wheelchair I am all ears. So are a bunch other handicapped guys.

MRrwmac says:

Good to see your nice Jack Bench explained again Charlie! Looks as good as the day she was built! Strong and versatile but still mobile when needed! Thanks for sharing!

Flannel Guy DIY says:

That looks great Charlie.. Subscribed… Hopefully you will like the content in my channel enough to do the same.

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