Construct a REAL workbench for $30

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Eric Elward says:

I can't wait to see where this goes, I would have left the legs removable (I think I will on mine) so that way I could put it in the back of a truck for a very mobile work bench that can be used in my shop or at a friend's house if said friend does not have a shop at all

Tony Ennis says:

Do you have a video of the bench after flattening?

Matt Robin says:

Thanks for the info on the book by Chris Schwarz , you made an amazing bench.

HPD1171 says:

Great video, I have never seen this kind of work bench before but now have to make one as it seems very versatile and portable. great for a lot of outside construction work.

tip: if you are looking for a low cost and still effective way to get started in something, look at how it was done historically. There is a good reason to start at the beginning of the "tech tree"😉.

MrBodeci says:

in your large stores Lowes, Homedepot at the front of the lumber area is stud 2x4s and those are not 8ft they are 3 inches shy of 8 ft and generally have a bow in them along the 3.5 inch length as there is a top and bottom while I understand you are building cheap this is info that's good to note for new wood workers looking to create a project like this, new wood workers wont have a huge plane to flatten the wood and if stacked with out knowing about the bow could drive them away as they start to think they need expensive wood or really lucky to even do a basic job like this,

Frans Rasmussen says:

Thank you so much for all the hard work you are doing to learn ppl about woodworking, the link to the PDF file for the tip sheet is missing or broken.

rockywr says:

What a great idea for the levelling of the bottom legs — the half-cut pencil glued to another flat piece of wood, simple but something the normal person wouldn't have thought of —- only one word for it … nice.

sigaso28 says:

Thats Fresno…

Saul Sandoval says:

All very good tips. 👍


Can't wait to see what is next for the work bench. I like the idea of using 2X4's.

Bruce Matthews says:

I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops. Seen some of your videos before and they were great. But this one is the "magic bean" that made me hit the Subscribe button.

Gappyps3 says:

I’m not even going to mention woodprix. On you scroll…

Rick Price says:

Rex, I've always found that hardwood up to around 12/4 is fairly easy to find and most of the yards don't mind cutting to length. I just bought a 5' x 10" x 9/4 thick piece of hard maple for a mini-workbench. Paid $4.75/board/ft. It can be a bit tougher to work with since most will need some minor flattening and smoothing and some need a bit of jointing as well. 2x4s are certainly cheaper, lighter and easier to work than maple but they are also very often, very WET when they arrive at the home store. Good wood though. I have couple built with air dried pine, one covered in maple plywood. Much cheaper than the solid maple or oak top. Good video.

Rick Boatright says:

So, Rex, have you seen this it's someone else building your bench. Sadly, unlike you, he's not nearly as good at explaining as you. You're really good at that.

Craig Monteforte says:

Cool video ! Ironically i was thinking the same thing about the purchasing of your vise thanks for the insight on the book i amalways on the lookout for good reading and/ or additions to my personal library !

My RC Experience says:

I just stumbled across your channel, at first I thought that the intro was a bit long, but I was interested in everything you were saying, so yeah, I like it.

Aaron McConnell says:

Perfect.going to make it tomorrow. Going to run them through the tablesaw first just to take off the round edge. Are you going to put and end vise and some dog holes?

Mike W says:

I like this. Thanks

Apentogo says:

aah yess, "woodwork for humans"
good stuff, for i too am "human"!
and like to learn more about "human" crafts, as a "HuMAn" would do!

absurdist cat says:

Another guy from Northern Ohio is the LAST person I'd expect to find such excellent content lmao. What I love, in particular, is that this can be done on the floor. That is huge for me. Getting tools sharp may be difficult, however. I wonder, since I have a hand sander and a heat gun, if I could pour some cheap epoxy over the whole thing to fill cavities due to slightly warped 2x4s, and then sand down back to bare wood. This would, naturally, come after hand-planing the entire surface to get it as level as possible without epoxy, first. (After all that trouble, I may as well give it a topcoat of poly). Anyway, thank you. I eagerly await future videos on this.

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