Constructing a Workbench for Makers

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HomeMadeModern says:

Check out our new tool company, MAKER BRAND!

Spifferson says:

I also live in Joshua tree, where do you get your steel? What steel yard?

E Flanagan says:

Yes for plans,please .Nice project and design .

Matthan Filice says:

Duuuuuude, how about those plans?

Joseph Shusko says:

Great looking work bench! I do mostly woodworking but add a bench vice and some dog holes and this would be a great low cost alternative to a traditional woodworkers bench which could run north of $2,000!!! I think I may try and build this instead if I can get my hands on a welder!!!

Muirnin Rose says:

This is an amazing build and I for one would definitely like the plans to build it … for me it would be a combination craft station but would need the steel for leather stamping. 👍👍

Gabriel Gutt says:

Very nice, what kind of welding process did you use?

Bradan Graney says:

How much did it cost to make

k4rg0d00d13 says:

Your videos make me wish I didn't have 1) neighbors so close (town home, which I love) and 2) very little space (town home, which I love) so that I could create–if I could, I'd make all my own furniture!

Mason Robinson says:

Im only 14 but i always wanted to make stuff like this but since im only 14 i have a good bit to go my mindes creative but i lack materials so i like your youtube channel greate job

Bylga says:

Very very nice =D

Alexander Russell says:

would love to see plans for this!

Mike Builds says:

It’s not under heavy load so the porosity in the welds won’t make a big difference but it’s good practice to grind your metal before welding

Andreas Kalt says:

Great ideas here. Thanks for sharing!

Luis Valdez says:

dude I get that you ere trying to make a living but you are promoting your new company, and have sponsor for the video. Slow down, one at a time, it could have been better if you just mention the clamps and upload a bonus video where you show the characteristics of it, and this is a sponsored video by the UNI you mentioned

Sophie Chloe says:

awesome workbench! will you be sharing the plans and BOM soon??

JBantha Algrank says:

Hey, make a vídeo about the clamps, please. There's isn't info about them anywhere. Thanks

maysa muh says:

you are genius😍

Ben France says:

New subscriber. I found you through Chris Salomone's page. I'd love to see plans for this one!

Adam Hendrickson says:

Would love to see plans for this.

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