DIY Constructing a store workbench and Dream Construct replace for Mrs Kappers work store!

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Effectively since I had the grasp builder volunteer to assist me with a piece bench for my spouse’s store we put collectively a pleasant easy methods to vid for a piece bench. Oh, and naturally there’s ALOT of trash speaking occurring! For those who’re new to the channel try a number of the house construct updates to see extra of Ryan’s Useful work!


Jack Of All Trades Master Of None says:

There actually torx bits.
Philip's bits are the cross ones.
In Oz anyway

Bazooka Joe says:

Ryan is bad ass!!!

Bernadette Kapocias says:

I appreciate this video — I'm about to do something similar in my own shop. Thank you. 🙂

TACOUSA87 says:

i really need to make a project like that thank you guys you are give me a idea really appreciate tum up pulse 5 stars .***

jc51373 says:

If you can't build your own workbench just sell all your tools and hire others to do it for you. A monkey could build a bench like that, there is no magic there.

Johnson Jake says:

Smart simple badass bench thank you!

Juan Pinon says:

I would have made that 45 all together for strength master carpenter

yard farmer says:

did you build this for her height or yours???

Foghorn Nosehorn says:

That star bit looks like it's stripped it's share of heads out! Wow it's rounded!

Blue Jay Farm says:

still can't figure out how this got 252,750 views… must be a large family

Jon lam says:

There is no carpentry skills in this video. Just screwing up everything. Total waste of time.

Stan Webb says:

Hey Guys, since going to be personal work bench then you should make it personal…. Stop with the standard measurements: the top of the work bench should be half inch to a inch just below her elbow when she is standing straight up and the stool that she uses should reflect the same measurements…. the rest should fall in place like the electrical etc. now the fatigue fact will almost be null and void…. any thing else will not be a good fit…….

DukeStarbuckle says:

I'm sure this video was fun for people who actually know these guys. I just wanted a straight-forward video about building a work bench. This wasn't it.

Bonez P says:

Lollll at 11:11 “ he’s doing his magic working on the corner” great video guys this is almost exactly what I need to help me with my project.

Joe Polach says:

Did i miss it, or did you say how high the top is from the floor?

Fabian Daroca says:

Who's the Boss man?? You guys both do one awesome job!!!!!!

Chavira Wiser says:

I checked a lot of handbooks with woodworking plans. Instructions from woodprix are the best I think.

Richard Bohling Sr says:

Well if she like that well enough maybe she won't give you a lot of grief about the Mini. 🙂

TinyTim says:

Allright… not bad, can you tell me the brand of tool pouch thats holds the tape?

The Hamminator says:

"Master Carpenter" uses his level as a hammer? I've always been taught not to abuse my tools.

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