The best way to Construct a 10ft Skilled Workbench with Storage for beneath $120 | 34

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At this time, on The Reducing Bored, I am upgrading my workshop in a large means by constructing a large 10′ x 2′ workbench with 4 huge drawers beneath and a second shelf to sit down all of my energy instruments on. This construct is straightforward and will be achieved in a single afternoon and has modified the performance and aesthetics of store long run.

I additionally used some BEAUTIFUL walnut veneered plywood left over from a challenge from Purebond to make some false drawer fronts. Purebond is a no-added formaldehyde product sourced and manufactured in North America and is the very best high quality plywood materials I’ve ever labored with.

Take a look at their web site right here for extra data:

(It is actually wonderful stuff!)


Written article for all of the dets:

2 x four’ x eight’ x three/four” Sanded Plywood
2 x 10′ x four” x four”
6 x 2′ x four’ 10′
1 x 5mm x four’ x four’ plywood
TiteBond II Wooden Glue:
2.5″ Screws

SAWSTOP Contractors 30” Noticed:

10 in. Sliding Compound Miter Noticed:
Miter Noticed Stand:
Round Noticed:
Impression Driver:
Cordless Brad Nailer:

K5 Pocket Gap Jig:
Fast Clamp:

Canon Insurgent EOS T2i:
Predominant Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.eight STM Lens:
Blue Snowball Mic (VO Recording):

The Instructables Venture will be discovered right here:

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Thanks for watching!
Zach aka TheCuttingBored


Aaron Kay says:

2:06 some say that tape measure is still on the run, last seen around southern Florida.

Brian Z says:

Where did you find non pressure treated 4×4? I can never find these

The Guyver says:

Nice table and drawer slides. Thanks for the great video.

John Bell says:

Awesome build!

Barry Roberts says:

Great Solid Bench. That will last you a good few years, i enjoyed the whole build and it's something i would do if i had the space, however i'm not 100% sure on those drawer fronts? myself personally, i would have left them without the fronts. I loved the way you ditched the no shop bought runners, and made your own L shape ones, great idea. Well done.
Barry (ENG)

Victor Labadia says:

I have a 10" sliding ridgid miter saw. Can I make a clean cut on a 4×4? Or will I have to flip it around

Rich Fasel says:

Workbench looks great. Very functional.

travis6240 says:

What is your profession?

Teresia Lidin says:

I watch a lot of woodworking videos here on yt and I did not know it was dangerous to rest the wood against the fence, thank you for the info! Great project as well, as usual.

A Seba says:

How are you liking the Ryobi collection?

VampyRagDoll says:

Nice work. 😀

For the love of bacon says:

I like the constant flow of information. No dead space 👍

Mallory Robinson says:

I love your use of the wooded slides. You do not see that too often these days now that we have metal ones.

Rawl Sawh says:

Hey buddy, nice shop build. Are you a fan of bright colors? I think most shops could use a few pops here and there

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