How to Build a Torsion Box Workbench – Part 1 | I Can Do That!

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There have been a variety of work surfaces in the I Can Do That shop – from sawhorses and plywood, to elaborate benches. In this episode (and the next, it’s a two-parter), we’ve finally answered the need. Our I Can Do That workbench is built simply, sturdily and affordable. We used plywood and home center materials with basic but useful storage options, a face vise, and bench dogs. And we even make it mobile!
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William Howard says:

first time i have seen a torson box made that way diferent

William Howard says:

that is the problem with toy wannabe table saws

Ivan Walker says:

"We can all do that". What's that about?
How the blazes do you "pre-drill" a hole? Surely you drill a bloody hole or you don't. Right?
For that matter, how do you freakin' pre-anything? FFS!

Scott Jordan says:

So, only one of you wore ear protection even though you are both roughly the same distance from the circular saw. Does sound only affect the saw operator? 😉

Michael Adamson says:

I love the awkwardness

jim reid says:

Do u have a link to Part 2 please…Can't find it

Adrián Peralta says:

👏👏👏👏👏👏esto es recomediante!

Aero Bott says:

Why not lay the legs out all at the same time? Make it easier to make sure all the holes were lined up.

Black Comet says:

What's the point of the box? There are better easier ways of making it structurally sound, and not waste space or material.

Robert Brunston says:

Very good! Looks very strong! I like the hard wood inserts, very smart! Thank you.

Harry Logan says:

Where is Chad?

Pat M says:

I have a workbench with a torsion top and would love to hear some ideas on how to work without dogholes. I have a vise at the end which is fine for my smaller tasks but for longer work pieces I'm always trying to come up with creative clamping. My bench also has drawers in the center that go all the way down to the lower stringer, blocking my ability to use holdfasts.

Patrick Perry says:

Not a bad looking bench. Substantial.

Eric Klassen says:

Good job guys… I'm looking forward to the completion of this workbench. Thanks for the plans.
Btw, just a little side note.
What you referred to as lag bolts are actually lag screws..// (
I know it's picky but your work looks meticulous enough that I thought you might like to know that.

Greg Palmer says:

Wow that saw sounded like it was bogging down on the dados.

Dragon Thunder says:

Take those silly guards off your saws. And nobody wears hearing protection. Also, David, I loved your role on punk’d when you were a kid. You were too funny. Ps Chad is hotter than you 2

Valery Gorbunov says:

What aim of this video? You you are doing $100 workbench using tools on few thousands of dollars.​

CrossWood says:

I can tell you what's different… Chad is missing.

Brad Mercer says:

I am enjoying this video. I do have a question which I hope you answer. Why didn’t you glue the hardwood dowels into the stretchers?

Handcrafted Workshop says:

Where is your shop in Cincinnati? If you don't mind saying. 🙂



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