How To Construct a Woodworking Workbench

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That is my tackle a hand instrument woodworking work bench for a hybrid woodworker in a storage store! I sized it to not take up an excessive amount of room, be simply movable, however be stable sufficient for any activity I might want from a workbench when woodworking with hand instruments.

Plans: 25% pre-order low cost!

Movies referenced:
Jay Bates Flattening Video:
Router Sled Flattening Video:

Venture Supplies:
Whole Boat Epoxy:
Canine Gap Bushing and Bits: page.aspx?p=72602
Rockler Finish Vise:
Leg Vise Screw:

Instruments I used (affiliate hyperlinks):
Desk Noticed:
Band Noticed:
Miter Noticed:
Oscillating Spindle Sander:
Round Noticed:
Drill / Driver:
Trim Router:
Random Orbit Sander:
Angle Grinder:
Lathe instruments:
Grinding Jig:
Bench Grinder:
MAP Torch:
Heart Punch:
HVLP Paint Sprayer:
Small Spray Shelter:
Medium Spray Shelter:

Blades (affiliate hyperlinks):
Ripping Blade:
Crosscut Blade:
Plywood Blade:
Bandsaw Blades:

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Web site:
Twitter: @YouCanMakeThis2

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Crazy Workshop says:

I really liked the video will follow your updates. Like!

42Fab - Metal Fabrication & Signage says:

Great project and all, yada yada, but I'll keep coming back for the dark, witty humor

Steven Gates says:

Gorgeous man!!!!

A Glimpse Inside says:

Killer bench man! Your Grandkids will be fighting over that when they are in there 60s. Really cool bud! I love it!

Jake Thompson says:

Very nice build!!👍👍

Neisha T says:

Very nice work! I will remember to make time to make something!

Curtis Cronin says:

Love the walnut details. Your bench is a huge inspiration. Thanks

StuffUCanMake says:

Bravo! You really pulled it off.

Callee Harris says:

Great video sweetie!!  Loved the humor as well hehehe.

Antonio Claudio Michael says:

The apoxy is neet

Antonio Claudio Michael says:

Great video bro

José Domínguez says:

Great Job…

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

I choose tennis elbow! Good job…I really like the walnut on the top and the angles in the leg vise.

rm709 says:

The quality of your videos just keeps getting better!

Wood.Work.LIFE. says:

Dope video! I'm building mine later this year 🙂

Tim's Work Shop says:

Great build man!

Андрей Мельников says:


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