How to Make a Workbench Episode 1 | Paul Sellers

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Having gathered together the necessary materials, tools and equipment, you can get started on the workbench. The first step is laminating and planing up the benchtop.

Cutting list, drawings and tool and hardware lists can be downloaded here:

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Isaac K says:

I am not sure why I made this, and now I do not know what to do with it…

J Pratt says:

That’s what you call real woodworking, no bullshit whatsoever.

Fernando Barrera says:

Hey Paul! Love all of your series. Youre a Huge inspiration to me. Cant thank you enough! Never knew i would love planing and sawing until you turned me on to it.

richard temple says:

I have adopted Mr. Sellers as my spirit guide. His gentle style and obvious expertise are qualities to which I aspire. One of his books is on its way to my bench (Working with Wood 1&2), and I will also likely be ordering the video series that accompanies that book.

gnunixguru says:

I started to plane the wood for the bench top, and assemble it with out glue. I have a question about gaps between the 2×3 studs. If I can see light between the studs, is that bad? WIl the glue bring the two peaces together? Great Channel! Great Book too.


I am going to make my workbench by hand tools. Even though i have all of the power tools to make the job much easier. I want to experience what it would have been like to do wood work before the industrial revolution. The only power tool that I plan on using, is a chainsaw mill, to mill the maple tree for the timbers. Keep on teaching, learning to use hand tools is a very good skill to learn. (GITTERDUN)

The Dread Pirate Clancy says:

Hi Paul, I appreciate all that you do. My question though is the following: the trestles seem to be less stable than sawhorses. Would sawhorses be a better solution then trestles for most of us?

Rodrigo Pessoa says:

True master of woodworking. Thanks for sharing your knowledge

mfcman2k7 says:

hi paul n your cross cuts  how  do you cut straight I know it seems a stupid question I am an apprentice and when ever I am cutting  timber like this I have a tendency to wonder  either  down the face if I concentrate on my cross grain cut or the other way round depending on how I m cutting the timber

Rick Bassham says:

Paul I love your videos and craftsmanship.

Badger0fDeath says:

Are these lengths 4*2 or 3*2? I have a whole heap of 4*2 s waiting to be used at home, so could i use them for this?

Paul Dyer says:

About the Aprons: could I build with 2"x6" lumber? Is there a purpose to having the aprons 11" wide?
I ask because I would like to have move space for a drawer cabinet below the benchtop.

Love this video series!

East Coast Homesteading says:

Hey Paul I was just curious about something. Let's say I wanted to make an immovable bohemoth of a bench with a 6 inch thick top. Is there any advantage to laminating a bunch of 2x6s versus just a few 6x6s? Appreciate the help and loved the video.

Danghetti MadeiraDMI says:

My workbench is a pallet plus a door. But its a litle shaky, need redone

thehusband12 says:

Is this filmed in the new studio that you are still building in the new building series?

Ricky Harrison says:

Volumes of knowledge..even beyond what you're saying. For instance…I now know I need to build new saw horses or "trestles" that are the same height as my inseam…so I can use my posterior as a clamp to hold the work piece while I plane LOL! Seriously…that is a brilliant technique I don't imagine people would consider! Thank you Paul!

Michael Goh says:

Thanks Mr Paul, with your design, I don't need big machinery like jointer… !

Michael Bulger says:

This series is better than the original, in my opinion. I plan to shrink this down for a child (my son). Thanks again, Paul.

Cool Dude says:

is that pine or another type of wood? I have tried planing pine and find that it chips very easily. Do you have any suggestions for planing softwoods or should I just being using hardwood if I am planing it?

Gandroid says:

Your videos are an inspiration. I'm fairly young, and planning my first true woodworking bench this summer. All of your videos have been a great help. Cheers from Oregon.

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