Introduction: Ultimate Shaker Workbench

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Mike and Matt explain how the bench is constructed, from the big base to the top, vise, and the milk-painted drawers.


Harry Russell says:

Is there an article about this with deeper information about the construction and details in an issue of the fine woodworking magazine?

Ernesto Vanscoy says:

I've never seen a clear easy to-use manual for building a shed as this woodwork plan [Link Here== ]. Hardly would you ever get lost while working with this woodwork plan. It is the best stuff for woodworkers and shed designers.

Pat Claar says:

This wood working book “pepe amazing plan” (Google it) insures everything from wood types to tool types and uses. It also informs you regarding the several types of wood and just how simple or difficult they are to work with. If you are still a beginner in woodworking, then you`ll find this book very useful.

christschool says:

I love this type of bench. Built quickly?


This is great! My younger brother just started woodworking following Woody Hyezmar's Woodworking Bible, if I would have known, I'd have googled his website and saved myself a lot of headaches!

Norman Coutts says:

A thing of beauty for sure.

Раби ХАНИНА Бен ДОСА says:

Where to buy pin maker? (1:05)

Aleхandr's woodshop says:

It's realy ultimate!

theericslagle says:

Is this the FWW shop or one of the guy's?

ProspectorBill says:

Beautiful. Aesthetically tough to beat anything Shaker and when form follows function….magic.

Mauricio Drugama says:

Nice. Where's the tutorial?'

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