It ought to be in each workbench !!

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A fantastic DIY system to enhance my home made leg vise performance. And all of the I want on this leg vise set up are some low-cost wheels. This can be a nice enchancment for my workbench, and in case you are interested by what instruments you want for woodworking be certain this can be a should have.

– Watch right here tips on how to make the wood jaw and the vise screw system:

– Easy methods to make a workbench wood vise out of to low-cost metallic clamps:

You could find a lot of woodworking tasks in my channel and in my woodworking weblog: https://enredandonogaraxe.membership/enñaPadin


My Views On Tech says:

EXCELLENT IDEA – Another long list of what to make

Craig Monteforte says:

Pretty sharp idea ! Thanks for the video , workbenches can never have too many clamping areas imo

Savage264243 says:


Donald P says:


Chris Vickery says:

very nice…..saving this for video for later……very simple but very strong…..nice job

zappolo 85 says:

Great idea man

Dentinvent says:

Cool accent man

alexandre dauphin says:

Well done !

Gary E says:

Excellent Idea. I will be making a work bench, and I will incorporate your idea into my new bench. Thank You very much.

moetaz goma says:

You are a genius. May God bless you

mr10man69 says:

Excellent. Thank you.

Jacob Gillespie says:

I have been wracking my brain on how to make one of these without having to spent a lot of money on the threaded rod. It never occurred to me to use a clamp like you did. Fantastic!

Gary Reiman says:

Very nice videos, thank you

Anders Jackson says:

Nice work with the support pins.
If you put one pin near the vince, you can get many different fixed Angels to fasten in the vince.
An easy addition to an already good design.

Andy Grew says:

Simple but great. Nice job.


Great info, I will do this in my shop. Thank you..

RADCOMJ1 says:

Very innovative and value oriented. Thanks for sharing brother.

Andrei Rînea says:

Pocket holes without jig! Best part of the video, for me at least. +1! (already sub'ed)

Rafal Jackiewicz says:

So simple and so functional, great video, thank you for sharing!

jacques metzemaekers says:

I like your ideas and use them.

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