KREG Workbench with Casters

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So I modified Kregs Workbench design just a little and added some casters. So come alongside for the trip and let me know what you assume.

Kreg Jig® Workbench



Pig-A-Dilly Man says:

My daughter and I are Newbies and took your idea on the Kreg 2 x 4 work bench modified for casters. I'd made the Kreg 2 x 4 bench once before that I fitted with Rockler retractable wheels which, for several reasons, I don't care for and wouldn't use again. I wanted a 2 x 6 work bench this time with casters and your idea seemed key. A couple things worth mentioning: 1. On each wheel, one of the two 1/4 x 1 inch lag screws that go into the end grain of the legs wouldn't tighten down. I don't know if a longer/larger screw might bite cause I didn't have any so didn't try it. We'll see over time if three of the four tightened screws on each wheel plus the weight of the table itself will keep the wheels in place. 2. Since I'd learned somewhere that screwing into MDF doesn't make for the strongest hold, instead of using pocket screws to secure the the MDF top to the frame, I countersunk Spax Torx screws through the MDF down into the 2 x 4 rails, and filled the spaces with wood filler. 3. Also, instead of gluing the second MDF piece to the first bench top MDF piece, I again countersunk screws so that I could easily and more cheaply replace the working surface top when/if it becomes necessary. Thanks again for the idea and getting me started.

Dennis Wilson says:

Have room in my basement for a 16' work bench. Thought I might alter your method to build it out. Any tips on how I would extend the design for the longer length?

Adetiba 'Super-Director' says:

First mid sized project I tried and it came out like a dream, I made a couple minor moderations, like mounting my miter saw to the top! 👍🏽🤙🏽👍🏽🤙🏽

James Andrews says:

would it be possible to add a shelf for more storage?

Tobin Frost says:

Nicely done! I want to do this but how do I add that extra piece for the casters? I don’t quite understand the pocket holes for the extra piece

Mike M. says:

Looks Great! I love my Kreg System!

Bobby Gardner says:

man i love this table really simple but will work for what i want it for and have need for!!

Deodatta Dive says:

Good. Only one suggestion NEVER USE A POWER TOOL POINTING AT YOURS BODY. In yours case the drill was pointing at your body while you were joining at 3:48 an further on , just think if the bit slips or break what how serious it can be , so please be careful and take care .

Lance Koller says:

I've never understood how people can use an impact drill when fastening pocket screws. Heck, I strip the holes out using a drill with the clutch set.

redmudpei says:


DGMrpoetry says:

Thanks for posting the vid, I will duplicating it for my work bench I’m making this weekend. Gby

Daniel Balfour says:

Lovely interpretation of Kreg's plans. Very clean looking and nicely finished. The video was outstanding — a pleasure to watch! Will build something like this but no table saw here (yet) so I'll have to find some other way to make those trim pieces. MDF I believe is 5/8" so 1 1/4" width trim shouldn't be hard to find at HD. I've got two applications lined up: a working counter (for belt sander, grinder, etc) and a mobile miter station Would also consider adding a middle shelf. Oh well, I know what I'll be doing in sSketchup tonight 🙂

banga8080 says:

You should add drawers

James Silverman says:

Nice table. Do you have a diagram of all of the screw hole placements and sizes. I am just getting started and don't have the concept down yet.

Andy Funke says:

Great video, well put together. My favorite was when you were putting the trim on the top, and you used the "nail brader", instead of a brad nailer, gave me a really good chuckle. Made a good video that much better. Cheers.

rcmantjk says:


Misty Coller says:

Thanks! I was considering casters but didn't know exactly which other modifications to make with them because I'm new to this. Your video was helpful, and I appreciated that you stained the top to match your garage cabinets. Good call!

Joseph Milazzo says:

seriously i am getting that pocket screw system . great video

Pinnacle Services says:

Do you have to use glue?

Hisham Al saif says:

Nice clean work man!

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