Modernize Your Workbench with All of the Equipment!

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Modernize your workbench and make it extra useful with these add-ons and equipment.

Sponsor: Rockler Woodworking and :

Round Noticed:
Straight Edge:
Mud Hose Equipment:
T-Observe Intersection:
Coutersink Driver Set:
Maintain Down Clamp:
Auto Lock Maintain Down:
Bench Cookie T-Observe Equipment:
Vacuum Pump Equipment:
Vacuum Clamps:
Flex Maintain Arm:
Bench Vise:
T-Observe Cam Clamp:
Kaizen Device Storage Foam:
F-Model Clamp Rack:
Aluminum Bar Clamps:
Bandy Clamps:
T-Observe Storage Rack:

Making the Final Workbench:

Patreon Assist:
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cameron child says:

It would be a shame if that bench went missing…..

TheJwarnock says:

So he's doing Rockler Infomercials now? What's next, Festool?

Lorena Lagos says:

On my way to Rocler Woodworking store… Your're amazing!!!!

David L. says:

No Rockler products were harmed in this video. Nice bench.

Michael Chapman says:

David, I can't find the part 1 of this video on the workbench. Please help me out here.

44R0N says:

Won't the handles get in the way?
….and 60seconds later, no, they push out of the way when necessary.

TrooperJoe73 says:

Gotta keep them hoes in check.

AustrianJager says:

Rockler what?

qwchrbichn says:

Youtuber: Disclaims at the beginning who's sponsoring his video.

Sponsor: Provides YTer a bunch of cool free shit.

Commenters: Whine about mentions of the sponsor.

Christofix says:

This video brings me ideas for my own workbench. Thanks for sharing!

Rodney Widger says:

I loved both parts and you never know what skill level your viewer is going to be. I'm very much a novice. In fact I don't have a workshop yet. I mainly have to work out side. I have a router, miter saw, old Rockwell tablesaw with no miter gauge or sleds. Any advice?

Daniel Cummings says:

Where was the "Sand in the place where you live"??? Belt sander and no trade mark!!! lol

Ricardo Martinez says:


Nicholas Ovel says:

I felt the comment section implode and God killed 11 kittens… All because you are "OK" with the surface of your wooden bench is NOT built to tolerances 14 OCD engineers at NASA in the 60s would have been OK with! Haha!
Diresta also has a popular phrase to live by…. And work by…. If it looks straight it's straight!

Finn Dageför says:

Your workshop looks like an office…

Efren Pelayo says:

Sounds like u get free stuff from rockler

Josué Paul says:

You should have asked Eric to identify the four types of wood on that sample panel you made to showcase your shellac finish process. haha – It would've been a nice Easter egg.

Lee Fuller says:

Just an idea. Maybe this idea is useful ?. Making a simple 2×3 T Track. The ends cut down to 1”. This would allow you to use the hammer style bench clamp to hold it in place. This would allow a t track clamp opposite of the one you built into the bench. This T track could be hung up vertically on the wall, or, if you make it the size of your clamp drawers, you could store it in there along with the other clamps.

Lee Fuller says:

This is awesome. I am thrilled now about adding a T Track system to both of my shop work benches. I saw your drawer construction, that looks very simple to make. Loads of storage.. that is the point of a work bench.

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