My Split Top Roubo Woodworking Workbench – Ask Matt #5

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This time I share more information about my split top roubo workbench. I go over it’s dimensions, it’s work holding options, and I talk a bit about how I built it.
This is the fifth episode of my Ask Matt series where I answer broader topic questions. If you have an idea for a topic for a future episode, please let me know. The next topic will be about my chainsaw kit.
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rodney adams says:

glad i watched lot good ideas maybe add mine some day.

kelly daugherty says:

Could you give us the names of some other more affordable companies that offer decent quality bench vice kits?

Robert Dart says:

Matt, could you give me the link or e-mail address for the plans & CDs you used for you workbench?

Scott O'Hare says:

Awesome bench. Very well thought out.

garry smythe says:

beautiful piece of work.

Richard Madsen says:

Matt one of the things I really appreciate about your channel is that you are a WOOD WORKER, you mill your own wood, dry it and mill it for projects. I have not seen another person that actually does it all. Your projects are excellent and you give good instruction in an easily understood manner. Thank you

Joseph Boyd says:

★☞Tremendous projects with detailed guidelines [Check Details Here == ]. What a great feeling fulfilment and satisfaction I have from constructing my own barn and stools. This is the best woodwork plan I've seen.

Richard Rider says:

Words don't describe…MAGIC Matt…rr

James Steed says:

In love with your bench! I am crazy about that spacer in between the two halves of the benchtop. I'm sure you are aware of the style that has a trough in the middle; I like yours better: easier to keep clean and better on your tools. Thanks for keeping it real on woodworking! Keep up the good work!

Steven Rochon says:

Nice bench Matt. BTW, having watched you over some time now, it should be noted how smooth you have become in your presentation. However, it should also be noted that the correct plural of the word vice is VEECE. It comes from the Latin " Veni, vidi, veece," which is translated as "I came, I saw, I held things in place." You're welcome!

Ryan Anderson says:

This is a superb wood working book, “pepe amazing plan” (Google it). I`m a graduate of a one-year carpentry course from a local tech college. Of all the books I`ve read during my study about woodworking, I think this is the greatest book I`ve read so far. It explains everything concerning wood working as well as complements it with helpful photos.

Kyle Smith says:

For someone who is a beginner, would you recommend the challenge of building and installing the leg vice? I can't seem to find useful videos on this process. Thanks in advance for your opinion.

Dale McAleese says:

oops..I meant to type MPLS……spell check

Dale McAleese says:

so often I see these videos and wish the people were in my area….mils, cool..up untill a year ago I loved wood carving but that all came to a halt when we moved from a house to a town house now back in a house with really large 2 car garage now I have room to to replace all my large wood working tools, table saw,band saw etc…..and one day I hope to actually start making a garage workshops but since may 17th I have been working on the interior of the house-it's should have been torn down, the only thing nice about the property is the 'newish' garage…so now when I do the shop I'll be watching your vids…thanks…..St. Paul

Joseph Brauer says:

I always wondered about the split top advantages , thanks for those tips , I want to build one now . I totally agree , a workbench is to do work on. I Treat my workbench like the salvage material its made from . hehe

Robert Peters says:

Ok…Dovetails are pretty and impressive…but they are weaker then box/finger joints because they damage more wood. Why did you still use dovetails?

Thomas Pate says:

You did an outstanding job sir.

Lean Mean says:

Your videos have been extremely helpful. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing. Have great winter season! …oh and that saw mill series is incredible.

scott McAlister says:

would you consider making another for video and sale ??????

D L says:

"Happy woodworking" – you repeated yourself…. 🙂

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